Most people tell you to find what you love and that will become your purpose in life. Is this the truth? Will you find your purpose in what you do or what you love? I believe there is a big misinterpretation in this. So many people are searching for their purpose. Is there another way to happiness?

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Episode Transcript:

Hello and welcome people of the universe. I’ve got another Misinterpretation of Spirituality to share with you today. The question I believe that most people ask themselves or reflect on is that maybe in order for them to find their purpose, they need to first find what it is they love.

Hi. This is Amir Zoghi, speaker, coach and aerobatic pilot. I’m on a mission to inspire, move and transform people’s lives. This is the Wisdom, Truth and Freedom Podcast, where I share mind blowing insides about spirituality, self-actualization and transcending those limiting mindsets in order to live in unlimited lifestyle and to make a dent in the universe.

Do I need to find what I love in order to find my purpose? I say, no.That’s the misinterpretation, because most people think that they do. That you know, people ask me all the time they go,”well, can you help me find my purpose?” And I’m like, yeah.This is what I do. I help people realize who they truly are. It’s called self actualization. The essence of what makes them, I guess, infinite. Who you truly are beyond this limitation of this body. It’s a very deep conversation to have. But that is the greatest purpose that you can realize. And they’re like, “what about finding what I love to do?” Oh, of course, it’s important for you to find what you love to do. You know, we all want to be doing what we love to do. But what’s more important is actually finding you are. If you’re not really knowing who you are, then even if you find what you perceive to be what you love to do, you probably be not effective in doing it. You know effortful. You’ll probably find that it will be very effortful. If your whole self, who you truly are; is not showing up to the party, it’s not showing up to this moment. Then what you’re gonna experience is half-hearted experience rather than having a whole-hearted experience. Doing what you’re doing, what you perceive to love… doing it whole-heartedly, it’s gonna be doing it half-heartedly.

So let me tell you what I have realized around purpose. Purpose is not in what you do. Purpose is in who you are. And when you realize and have a deeper understanding, a deeper connection, a deeper awareness of who you are, you then become your purpose. See, this is the thing that’sdifferent. It’s a difference between finding your purpose in what you do versus becoming your purpose. I mean,like you become purposeful when you become your purpose. You would live purpose fully, and then you will find yourself giving purpose to what you do rather than getting purpose from what you do, Yes, I will repeat. That purpose is not in what you do. It’s in who you are. Now when I say purpose is not in what you do — sure you can find purpose in what you do. And that’s what most people do. The purpose they’ve found is in what they do. The problem with that is you still have this thing called attachment. And the attachment is for you to continue to do the very thing that you’re doing, and for it to continue to work and for it to continue to unfold the way you want it to unfold in order for you to get your purpose from that. That’s where your attachment comes from. So the greatest form of purpose has no attachment. You can’t have purpose and have attachments. What you’re experiencing when you’re having a you know…when you’re experiencing purpose in what you do or you experiencing attachment to your purpose, is you’re experiencing what I call a version of purpose. It’s not purpose. Purpose itself is eternal. Purpose itself is actually who you are. So I’ll say what I said to you the very beginning — purpose is not in what you do, purpose is in who you are. And when you realize who you are, you become purpose. When you become purpose, you will live purposefully. Purpose-fully. So that means you’re living with purpose, not in what you do. You become purposefully, you will live with purpose. Then when you decide to do this and do that, you are giving purpose to what you do. Therefore, you’re not experiencing attachment from purpose…gaining purpose from what you do.

Take a breath. Let’s really contemplate that. What I’m trying to say is that if you’re continuously looking to find purpose in what you do, what you’re gaining is a version of your purpose. You’re getting the essence, maybe the feeling, of purpose. But you’re also attached to that. You also then can be, you know, the world outside of you, where you found your purpose, you could be manipulated still. Okay, because then now suddenly you are in need to continuously do that. But this is the thing…can you be who you really are? Can you be content? Can you be fulfilled? Can you be at peace? Can you be in serenity. Can you be yourself without doing that? That’s the real question. And that’s where the difficulty lies. Because most people, when it comes to stop doing and actually start being, they find this thing called boredom. That’s dangerous because the thing is, in this moment, there is no boredom. In this moment, there’s bliss. In this moment, there’s happiness for no reason. The part of you that finds boredom in this moment is your ego. So you need to drop the ego and go to a deeper place and find the moment now rather than looking in at the story now. That’s very different.

So to answer that question in this podcast, do I need to find what I love in order to find my purpose? No, I think you need to find your purpose in order to find what you love. It’s the other way around. It’s more important to find your purpose in who you are. And then when you realize the purpose in who you are and you become purpose and you become purposeful or you live purposefully, you’ll notice that the things that you do, you’re giving purpose to. You could be smelling a flower, and there could be purpose in that. You could be just cooking lunch and there’ll be purpose in that? You know, you could be going for a swim in this purpose in that. There is purpose in you and you’re giving purpose to what you do. There is no attachment because the purposes in your attachment comes because you’re looking for purpose from something. You’re giving purpose rather than getting purpose from what you do. So that is a more important thing.

Again, it brings me down to what I’m a big believer of and that self-actualization. It is important for you to realize who you truly are. If you’re limited perspective is “this body is who I am, and this is only who I am”… Which is true. But it’s not the whole truth because there’s a much greater part of you which you just can’t see through the physical realm. You are… who you truly are… is energy. Energy is not just bound into this body. It’s in the surroundings of this body. You are perceiving yourself to be a drop of an ocean when really you are the entire ocean. That is within that drop. As Rumi speaks, the great Persian poet. Most people live within this drop and they’re looking to find purpose in this great ocean, and they perceive their this drop of this entire ocean. Yet that’s not who you are. You are the entire ocean moving the drop. So when you when you perceive that you were a drop, you see the drop can’t move the ocean, can it? The drop is being moved by the ocean. The drop cannot move the ocean. Yet the ocean is moving the drop. That’s real purpose. Purpose is realizing that you are the entire ocean. This body is a vehicle. This body is a costume. Today I decided to wear this shirt and this single it. Here I am and Thailand and I’m wearing these clothes. But tomorrow I’ll wear different clothes. This this doesn’t make me who I am. It’s just what I’m wearing. This body doesn’t make me who I am. It’s just what I’m using. So that is a misinterpretation of spirituality, that in order for you to find your purpose unit to first find what you love. I believe you need to find yourself. I believe you need to find yourself and realize who you are, you will then realize purpose. You would then become purpose. You would then give purpose to what you do rather than getting purpose from what you do. Find yourself, find who you are, connect with who you are. You will have a great awareness of what makes you, you and you will find purpose. And then you will be doing what you love to do not just in one form, in many forms.

So again, do you need to find what you love in order to find your purpose? No, I say it’s more important to find your purpose in who you are and realize that it is you, that he’s giving purpose to what you love. That’s my podcast for today, see you next time.


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