“How do I recognize if I’m following the feeling versus forcing outcomes? How do I balance making things happen vs. allowing things to happen?”

This question was asked on last week’s free Ask AZ Zoom call, sparking an insightful discussion on the fine line between taking action and letting things unfold naturally. This conversation is packed with valuable insights into the interplay between inner intention and outer intention.

What’s discussed:
  • Journey in Business: Navigating the flow state and overcoming the urge to force outcomes.
  • The Role of the Ego: Understanding how the ego influences our decisions and learning to move beyond it.
  • Wholehearted Decisions: Making choices based on genuine feelings and intuition.
  • Flow and Synchronicity: How staying present and true to your feelings allows the story to bend around you.
  • Embracing the Process: The importance of focusing on who you become rather than specific outcomes.

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