“How do you find peace in the present during very difficult life circumstances?”

This question was asked on last week’s free Ask AZ Zoom call, sparking an insightful discussion on how to stay connected and present when life throws severe challenges like illness, death, or other significant hardships.

What’s discussed:
  • Understanding Presence: Learn the importance of not judging yourself for struggling to stay present and embracing the process as it is.
  • Acceptance vs. Judgment: Discover how acceptance and allowing emotions to be present without judgment is key to finding peace.
  • Embracing Discomfort: Understand the role of discomfort in personal growth and how to find comfort in the discomfort.
  • The Power of Trust: Amir emphasizes the significance of trusting the process and letting go of the need to control or understand everything.
  • Reclaiming Your Power: Hear practical advice on how to reclaim your power by connecting deeply with your emotions and allowing yourself to fully experience them.

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Amir Zoghi