Join Amir Zoghi in this profound Ask AZ session where he dives deep into the nature of reality, consciousness, and self-realization. In this episode, Amir addresses a fascinating question from Jonathan:

“Am I in your reality, or are you in mine? Are you an actor in my reality, or am I an actor in yours?”

This question sparks an enlightening discussion that will transform your understanding of your own existence and the roles we play in each other’s lives. Don’t miss this chance to explore the depths of your consciousness with Amir’s insightful guidance.

What’s discussed:

  • Jonathan’s Inquiry on Reality: Understanding the dynamics of perception and duality.
  • Supporting Characters in Our Lives: How people in our lives help us wake up or stay asleep.
  • Infinite Realities and Choices: Exploring the infinite versions of ourselves and our realities.
  • Concept of Infinity and Manifestation: How everything already exists and how we manifest it into physical form.
  • Awakening to Consciousness: The journey from personal development to self-realization.

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Love BIG,

Amir Zoghi