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You have no idea what you’d be missing if you don’t do this. It’s given me everything… everything I’ve wanted, I’ve now got. I used to feel like life (especially work) demanded me to be a certain way. I worked over 100 hours per week often and didn’t think it could be any other way. Amir helped me see clearly what I want, and how what I want is possible. I’ve learned what’s real and what’s not. I feel free from obligation in how I have to be and what I think I need to do. I have more time outside of work as I work less, and I’m more effective and get the same if not more results doing the projects I actually want to do.”

— Nivin Thanabalan, Australia

Before finding Amir’s work I was stuck in so much people-pleasing and a constant battle to prove I was worthy. I was constantly seeking and gave my power away to so many people, doing what I thought everyone else wanted or needed from me. I always felt like something was missing, like I NEEDED to find the next partner or program or income goal. I was mildly depressed and anxious as a way of life.

My internal state of being has dramatically shifted after committing to this work with Amir. I now very regularly have these moments of happiness for no reason. This joy that kicks in. I don’t feel fear anymore. I’ve felt a deepening in peace like never before and I know it’s because of the work with Amir. I’m much more willing to follow the feeling, speak my truth, ask for what I need and want even if it’s going to disappoint or upset others.

I’m completely blown away with this journey. My life feels like everything I never knew I always wanted.”

— Cora Poage, United States

“Before I started this work with Amir, nothing seemed to be working out for me in relationships, finances and my career. I repeated the same patterns and I was deeply unhappy. I felt completely trapped in myself and my problems. I wanted to run away from everything in my life as it felt like it was all too hard to bare.

Amir opened my mind to another way of seeing life. I still experience things not working out for me, but they usually don’t consume me. I can come back to a place in myself that is unshakable, where I know I’m always ok. I can now experience so much joy and presence and so much appreciation for this life that I get to experience. 

— August Porter, Australia

You didn’t come here to be limited.

Does this sound familiar?

You’re on a constant search for more – more money, better relationships, more success in your career, more joy in your day to day life.

You’re doing everything as best as you can and yet, you constantly feel like you’re on a treadmill going uphill with no end in site.

Your fear of failure holds you back from achieving what you know you could achieve. Your old patterns pop up in relationships that make you wonder why these people and problems keep showing up in your life. You are good at what you do, but you never feel enough, and you certainly don’t feel like you have enough financially.

You are constantly comparing yourself to others – looking at the more they have and wondering why you can’t have the same. What are they doing differently?

You must not be doing enough. You must not be enough. 

No matter what you do to change things, it feels like there is something missing, you never quite get to the goal you want to achieve. You never quite feel free of struggle, no matter how much you meditate or how many self-development programs you take.

Why does being, doing and having what you want need to feel so hard?

What if it’s not about changing your external circumstances – getting a better job, working harder, getting a better partner, setting better boundaries to avoid the things that cause you emotional reactions?

What if you actually already have the answer inside of you?

What if you are the one creating your limitations? And if so, how do you remove them?

Join the LIMITLESS Living Community to:

✓ Stop living through reactions to your external circumstances and instead access the infinite feeling that will guide you to more happiness, joy and fulfilment.

✓ Consistently tap into the Infinite Feeling to have confidence and certainty in the steps you take through life.

✓ Master the process of letting go of the judgments of your external circumstances that are keeping those experiences in your life.

Embody the power of radical acceptance in order to reclaim your power from what causes your suffering.

✓ Recognize the benevolent role of all people and circumstances in your life as reflections of where you have forgotten the truth of who you are.

Understand that your external reality is a reflection of what’s happening internally and feel confident in taking your power back to create a limitless reality.

See how your previous efforts of manifestation were unsuccessful or short-lived and what’s missing in your process of manifesting a limitless experience.

Let go of your attachment to outcomes in order to access what’s available to you beyond your current imagination. 

“I knew that there was something more to life and could not continue to settle for current conditioning and thinking. There is Limitless and when you get beyond to the coaching, there is true peace of mind. Rather than succumb to fear of what’s going on in the world around me, I can sit still and feel into it each moment. In coaching with him, I had an ”aha” with regards to understanding manifestation and thereafter something started to change. Thank you Amir. If you’ve seen his Limitless event and know what you’re in for, I recommend taking the next step with the coaching challenge.”

— Priscilla Landsman, South Africa

“Amir helped me understand where my true power comes from, how to align with it and use it. I don’t “effort” so much to get what I want because of understanding how to use the power and how manifestation actually works. I’ve learned how to live life more spontaneously with trust, as Amir says, “follow the feeling”. I have become more skilled at tuning in to what is true for me and how following the feeling actually plays out. It is so very worthwhile taking this journey with Amir.” 

— Joyce Baker, United States

“I had been struggling with anxiety and depression for a number of years. I knew I needed to make a big change in my relationship but couldn’t act on those feelings. I was scared, confused & had very low self-worth. After this work with Amir I don’t think about myself in the same negative ways I used to. I still feel sad at times but it now feels natural & healthy. I don’t feel stuck in those emotions. I show up differently in my relationships and as a parent. I’m less reactive & more compassionate. I feel comfortable being myself & not needing to be who I think others want me to be.”

— Nikki Foley, Australia

What’s Included in the LIMITLESS Living Community?

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Access to all Amir’s foundational programs, LIMITLESS, Truth Bumps & more, in one convenient place via a membership site. Plus special access to non-public programs like Intuitive Warrior, the 21-Day Mind Over Matter Challenge, Guided Meditations and more! 

Weekly ASK AZ group coaching calls with Amir, live on Zoom, for personal coaching and his most up-to-date teachings. 

✓ Access to the LIMITLESS Living Community forum on Skool to meet with other members, Amir and AZ Certified Facilitators between calls. Meet other members LIVING IT, chat live and feel supported and inspired daily. Plus, get the links to the call recordings if you can’t make them live.

“While re-watching Limitless was very beneficial, I wanted to know this wisdom in such detail that I would become the wisdom and I found this through coaching with Amir. I am then able to go out into the world and slot it in to how I am already living. This previous fragmented jigsaw of life is gradually taking the form of an artwork more beautiful than I could have imagined. The greatest part of this is that it isn’t the world that is changing at all – it is me. And in this realisation I am finding the endless well of power and creation that I AM. For me, it’s about having the will to invest in yourself to live the way you dreamt you could – free and with love.”

—Matt Augustyn, Australia

“I recognized the truth Amir spoke when I first saw him in Limitless. I continued to gain greater awareness of the truth of who I am over the years, being guided by the wonderful messages in his coaching programs.
Since gaining this new awareness, I have felt more love in all my relationships. I experienced a shift from feeling I need to validate my existence, to knowing the truth of who I am and being able to live it. I plan to always continue with the work with Amir and I recommend this to anyone with an open mind.” 

— Del Rainer, United States

“What I love about the program is that each module feels like a calming mediation. I tend to overthink just about anything and listening to this content allows me to turn down the chatter, remember my Truth and to let go of having to control everything. It has helped me to focus on what I love instead of trying to force things to work in a certain way. When I allow myself to live in the flow, everything happens with more ease and in extraordinary ways that I couldn’t have planned if I tried. And I’m only on module 4 so I can’t imagine what more will come by the time I reach the end!”

—Yari Arenas, United States

Before finding Amir I had experienced an event which made me feel like my whole world crashed around me. I was struggling with relationships in general and had chronic back pain. I was blocked from my emotions like a robot and was constantly seeking happiness via distraction: buying things, traveling and going on adventures… though In reality I was often bored or miserable in my day-to-day.

Today I’m in a place that can’t compare. I’m more zen, learnt how to embrace my emotions and enjoy life. My relationships are the best they’ve ever been and my chronic back pain has also gone. My wife also keeps saying that having the new me is priceless. Dealing with life is so much more effortless and things keep falling into place without needing to ‘try’. I can’t picture myself ever stopping my journey to go deeper into the truth with Amir!”

— Harold Quinones, Australia

“All the personal development work I had done in the past always felt incomplete, like there was a piece of the puzzle that was always missing.

The most significant change since starting this work is that I now know how it feels to have absolute certainty. Not in the world around me or in regards to my situation but within myself. I see my world internally and externally in a completely different way than I ever could have imagined.

Amir continues to bring my attention back to the truth and that has been the most supportive for me to not only know but to be able to live this work, everyday.

— Colby Stacey, Australia

“Living this in every moment is a lifestyle change. This coaching offers consistent support to stay on track. It’s like fitness. Just because you see results, you don’t stop, you keep going as there is no destination. It becomes a lifestyle. I can’t wait for every time I get the new audio or video and I clear my schedule to watch it as I get insight after insight into my own life. And it translates to decision making. When I make decisions now for things that I would have thought weren’t easy or attainable, I watch as things happen in my life to revolve around what I desire, instant manifestation, all by putting my attention on the truth.”

— Kerri Tsigolis