“To think outside the box, you need to be outside of the box”

Feeling stuck in the Box? In a recent Ask AZ session, Dorota posed a powerful question that many of us can relate to: “How do I break free from feeling stuck inside the box?” This insightful session delves into the heart of this issue and provides actionable steps to help you live a limitless life.

In this session, we discuss:

  • Presence and Mindfulness: Discover the power of being present and how it helps you “get outside the box”.
  • Experiencing True Love and Pain: Understand why recognizing true love involves experiencing what love is not.
  • Reconnecting to Wholeness: Learn how to reconnect with the part of yourself that is already complete and infinite.
  • Neutralizing Emotional Charges: Find out how to neutralize the emotional charges from past experiences that hold you back.
  • Acceptance Over Forgiveness: Explore why acceptance, not forgiveness, is key to emotional healing.
  • Authenticity and Free Will: Understand how to exercise true free will by acting from a place of genuine love without any agenda.
  • Continuous Practice and Growth: See how the metaphor of the rubber band illustrates the journey of personal growth and ego dissolution.

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Love BIG,

Amir Zoghi