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When not soaring over the skies of Sydney – Australia, Amir is well known for helping others soar in their personal and professional lives as a mindset coach. Amir is sought after for his practical and relatable mindset teachings.

As an entrepreneur, Amir has multiple successful companies. He doesn’t grow them with your average strategies, goals and plans.

His strategies for success in life and business start with understanding the limitless capacity of the mind and harnessing a deep understanding of how to manifest your outcome and results effortlessly. There is nothing he is more inspired by than helping others do the same.

ACE Podcast

ACE Podcast – The Mindset of Not Giving Up

ACE Podcast – The Mindset of Not Giving Up

In this episode, Amir answers the question, “how do you keep your momentum and not give up?” Tune in to hear how to maintain a connection with your enthusiasm beyond the honeymoon phase of a new venture and learn the artform of allowing versus forcing your results....

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