In this powerful session of Ask AZ, I dive into the art of authentic living and success after being asked “How do I know when to allow things to happen vs. taking action to make them happen.” I hope my answer can lead you to break free from traditional marketing tactics, align with your true self, and make heart-centered decisions that lead to effortless results.

What’s discussed:

  • Effortless Success: Understand the concept of achieving goals without force, by doing what you love and letting results naturally follow.
  • Heart-Centered Decisions: Discover the importance of making decisions that come from the heart, free from the constraints of cause and effect.
  • Navigating Uncertainty: Embrace the fabric of life’s uncertainties and thrive without needing to know every step of the way.
  • Living in Alignment: Explore how to live and operate from your true self, allowing your authentic desires to guide your journey.
  • Plus – Authentic Marketing: Learn why traditional advertising methods may no longer work and how to connect with your audience in a more genuine, impactful way.


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Amir Zoghi