Most people think you should follow your intuition so that it will guide you towards some great outcome or result in their life. The problem is, what most people are following is not their intuition.

In this episode I share the biggest misinterpretations around intuition, why most people struggle to use their intuition and how following your infinite feeling can support you in your life.


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Episode Transcript:

Hello and welcome people of the universe. We’ve got another episode today for our series on the Misinterpretations of Spirituality. So many misinterpretations. But this is a very popular one. It’s all around intuition. And the question is, will following my intuition get me what I want?

Hi, this is Amir Zoghi, speaker, coach and aerobatic pilot. I’m on a mission to inspire, move, and transform people’s lives. This is the wisdom, truth and freedom podcast where I share mind-blowing insights about spirituality, self-actualization, and transcending those limiting mindsets in order to live in unlimited lifestyle and to make a dent in the universe.

The question is, will following my intuition get me what I want? And that’s the thing, right? Most people interpret that your following your intuition as a guide. You know, it’s guiding you around your journey, around your universe and you know, I guess keeping you safe, keeping you out of danger, and potentially getting you that next, you know, the next deal or getting you that next opportunity that’s gonna make you, I dunno, as some great outcome or result in your life. So here’s the thing, the greatest misinterpretation of intuition is what the actual intuitive feeling is. You see, most people’s interpretation of the intuition is actually not the intuition. Now you probably ask yourself, well, what makes you a an expert on this subject? Well, you know, for me personally, I don’t claim to be an expert but for me personally, it’s how I live, you know. Following the feeling. I like to call it, the feeling.

But the thing is for me where it may vary from where you may have your understanding around why you follow your intuition… I follow my feeling or my intuition because it’s very important for me to do what’s true for me. I don’t feel like I’m in danger and I don’t feel like I will be in danger. So to me, I’m not using my intuition to keep me away from danger. Nor am I using my intuition or my feeling to create this amazing outcome or result. Now, don’t get me wrong. That doesn’t mean that amazing outcomes and results don’t eventuate for me. They do, they do all the time. But my attention is not on the outcome. My attention is on the process, my reward is not from the outcome. Where I’m getting is from the process.

And the process is actually what takes place here and now. Now that’s my little 2 cents, if you like, on using my intuition. But I think what’s more important here is to understand where the intuition or feeling your intuition or following your intuition is misinterpreted. You see, most people, you get a feeling around say somebody they meet and they go, “Oh, they gave me an off feeling. You know, my intuition, my gut feel was, you know, “there was something wrong about that person. You know, I didn’t trust him, you know, gave me an off feeling”. They’ll say something like that. Thee say, and you, you want to, you want to review that. Let’s review scenarios like that and you can… I’m sure we’ve all had some kind of scenarios, something that is similar to what I just said. It’s not your intuition that didn’t like that, right?

It’s what you didn’t like. For example, you were observant. You didn’t like the way they looked. Maybe their handshake was sloppy and you, you’re a believer that handshakes should be firm, right? Maybe they said something that didn’t align with with you. There’s something that you’re hearing, you’re seeing and maybe feeling as well around that, that you’re going, “Hey, you know what? I don’t, I don’t like something about this person”. You see, what I’m trying to say to you is that that’s not entirely your intuition. That’s how you feel about what you’re seeing and what you’re seeing is an interpretation of, you know, what’s happened to you in the past and what you have beliefs around. Well, if someone doesn’t make eye contact to meet with me, then, you know, I don’t trust that person.

Now I’m not saying that’s incorrect. Okay? In many cases, that is a true guideline. Okay? Someone’s not making eye contact with you, you know something’s not right. Right? Maybe they don’t. Maybe they’re trying to manipulate you and maybe they just feel inferior to you. Maybe they feel intimidated. Okay, so you’ve got to understand, right? That measure is not your intuition. That measure is a reference point that you have based on your past experiences of an individual that doesn’t make eye contact. Right? So what I’m trying to say to you here is that what most people call intuition or following their intuition, I just call being present. If you’re present to a certain situation, if you’re present to a circumstance, you can get a vibe of what’s going on. But the vibe is based on what’s happening in the story. The vibe is what’s happening in the person’s face.

The vibe is what you heard someone, what you saw someone do. You say that’s how you feel about the situation. How you feel about the situation is not your intuition. Now, I’m not saying it’s incorrect to use that. It’s actually, it’s one of our day to day life things or skill sets that we use, you know, based on some previous experience that we’ve had. And as you get older and wiser, you know, based on the previous experience that you get, you can read the story, you can read the conversation, you can read the individual by measuring or interpreting how you feel about that individual, how you feel about how they responded, how you feel about the story. That’s not intuition. That’s one of the greatest misinterpretations of spirituality. Part of this series that I’m talking about because, the intuition, what I know about the intuition and when I do use it and when, as I say, when I use it, because it’s not there all the times…

I mean, sure, it is there all the time, but there’s moments where you just have a boom! An absolute knowing, that something must be done. Something must be said…like this is the path that you want to take. Right? But it doesn’t come from any reference points necessarily in the story. It becomes a knowing that has come from the unknown where what I’ve just shared with you is a interpretation from the known and your interpretation is based on your previous experience, which you may call past experience, right? Or some people would call it wisdom. But to me that’s not even wisdom. We’ll talk about what wisdom is in a sec. Right? So when you have an intuitive feeling, it’s not influenced from the story. You may have an intuitive feeling and, like I said, the intuitive feeling comes from the unknown and it gives you an experience or a sense of a knowing.

But there’s no reason around that. You see, I talk about this in one of my products called Intuitive Warrior where I talk about that. I was in a cafe once and I was listening to these two women having a conversation and one of the women was telling the other, seemed to be her best friend or a very good friend about this big move she wanted to make. I think it was moving overseas and changing jobs and family and everything that was involved in that decision. And, she just goes, you know, “I just, I just know I’ve got to do this”. She says this to her friend and you know, when someone says, I happen to be, eaves-dropping, I couldn’t help myself. Someone was talking about “a knowing” and “I know I’ve gotta do this”.

And, and I was like, Oh, they’re talking about intuition. And her friend goes, “are you sure you want to do this? This is a big decision. You really want to take your time and think about this”. And she said “no, I just know I got to do it”. And she said, “how do you know?” You know what she said? She goes, “I don’t know, but I just know”. And you know, that’s when it’s really an intuitive feeling. You see, what you’re saying is, “I don’t know any reason, I don’t have any reference points of why I should do this, but I have a knowing of this is something that I must do”. That’s intuition. Now, some people may hear what I’m saying and you can easily misinterpret a feeling that, you know, that may come to you and you have a lot of influence from the story and you’ll go, “Oh, I have no reason.

I have no reason.” People say today, you know, people are, especially when they’ve watched my Intuitive Warrior, product, they would come to me and they’ll change the language by saying, you know, “I just knew I had to do this. I had no reason. I had no reason”. So just be careful you don’t get caught out by that one because, you know, as you get wiser and more conscious and more mindful, so does your ego, because ego resides within you. It lives with you. It’s you, it’s part of who you are. It’s not something, you know, I’ll maybe talk about the ego in a separate podcast, but you know… As you become more and more aware, so does your ego, and you probably asked yourself, well, hang on…

If my ego gets more and more aware as I do, then you know I’m in trouble. No. As you become more and more aware, you have more and more space. And as you have more space, the ego becomes like a servant. Okay? But anyway, we’re digressing here and I don’t want to digress. So get back onto the intuition. So the point of that story is that, how many times have you said to yourself, “you know, I just know I gotta do this”, but you go, “I don’t know why, but I just know”. What you’re actually saying to yourself is “I don’t have any reason. I don’t have any influence of why to do this. I just have a feeling”. And that feeling is experiencing or expressing itself through me as a knowing that is intuition and it’s far and fewer than, you know, we experience it far and fewer than what we think we experienced it.

Most people think they’re living everyday, just, you know, continuously living intuitively and I’m not saying that’s not possible. But I’m saying what most people think living intuitively is, is just a interpretation of what’s happening in the story. What you’re doing is you’re being alert and you’re being aware of what the story is doing and you’re becoming good at reading it. Well that’s good. That is a great experience, great skillset to have. But that alone is not intuition. I think that is the training ground that someone, you know, it’s a skill set that someone experiences or picks up before they can really feel something completely intuitively. So one last thing that I want to add to this conversation — I personally consider myself to be an intuitive person and I have people ask me, “talk to me about your intuitive experiences” or you know, how you follow your intuition.

You see, when I was first trying to sense my intuition and realize what it is, I would attempt to follow my intuition. I would, “tune in”. You know, people say, “tune in”. So I would tune in to see what my intuition, what I felt intuitively or how I felt about the scenario, if you like. I’ve got to say these days, I don’t “tune in”. I’m not sitting there and go, “hhmmmm, I gotta make a decision. I’m going to tune in”. To me, the decisions already made. When it comes to your feeling and following the feeling or following your intuition, the decisions already made. And for me, I know I’m following my intuition because now I’ve made a decision or I’ve chosen, to follow a feeling of, to follow a decision that’s already made. I mean, that might confuse you a little bit.

Maybe. I’m not sure, but that’s the way I see it. It’s like for me, I’m not looking to ooh what’s the right or wrong way, the better or worse scenario, what is my guidance telling me? To me, I’m not thinking about it. I am just walking it and as I’ve taken a step forward, I’ve realized I’ve followed my feeling. So to wrap up this podcast, the question is, will following my intuition get me what I want? As I mentioned, the greatest misinterpretation is what your intuition is in the first place. The second greatest misinterpretation is that you’re not following your intuition to get what you want. You’re following your intuition because when you’re following your feeling, you’re becoming more of who you truly are as an infinite soul. Most people think I’m following my intuition and so it’s keeping me safe. I’m following my intuition so I can get the next big deal or I can get the greatest outcome, get the this result that I’m after. Your intuition or your feeling is not interested in the outcome or result. Your intuition or your feeling doesn’t feel unsafe. You follow your intuition because as you follow your intuition or your feeling, the more you do that, your true feeling, not an emotional reaction, you’re true feeling, okay? The more you do that, the more you connect with yourself as an infinite soul. That’s our podcast for today. See you next time.


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