Most people are looking to spirituality or self-actualization to improve their lifeSTYLE. There is a difference between life and lifestyle. Many people get into self-development to make more money, to have more success, to be more lovable. They think there is something they need to fix, improve or change to get certain outcomes and results in their external life.

This is one of the biggest ways people misinterpret spiritual teachings and why people struggle so much on their path. So how does spirituality and your journey to self-actualization improve your life? Listen in as I share in this episode of The Wisdom Truth & Freedom Podcast.


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Episode Transcript:

Hello and welcome people of the universe. Today’s podcast I will be revisiting the series that I’ve been doing, the misinterpretations of spirituality. And today I want to talk about one of the misinterpretations that people commonly have, which is if I become spiritual, it will improve my life.

If I become spiritual, it will improve my life. Now, obviously that’s immediately, I can see your mind is going well, it will, and it has for me. Yes it will. But let’s just define what, I guess we can talk about life and lifestyle here because yes, I agree with you there. Spirituality definitely improves your life. It improves your, you know, your wellbeing. Yeah. Your energy levels. You know, your ability to be authentic, your ability to be open, your ability to be compassionate and ability to be, to be loving. Uh, so yes it does, but there’s a difference between life and lifestyle. And this is where the misinterpretation is because most people would actually remove the word life and they will say, Oh, spirituality, spirituality will improve my lifestyle. And what is lifestyle? It’s well, I’m gonna make more money and it’s going to improve…

You know, I’m going to, I’m going to find the person that I want to love. It’s basically all your attention is on all of the outcomes and results that you think yourself, well, that’s kind of important. You know, the outcome and results that we live in our life. It’s kind of important. Yes. But your spiritual path, your journey is to yourself and it’s a self-fulfillment. It will improve your life, your ability to love, your ability to be courageous, your ability to be yourself, to be your authentic self, your ability to be honest with yourself. Yes, it will do all those. The misinterpretation is people going, well, if it does that, then it’s going to improve my lifestyle. It’s going to improve how much money I make, the place I live, the car, I drive, you know, my social settings.

And the thing is, it’s not that it won’t improve those, but you can’t do it for that reason. Because if you do that, you’re placing your attention on the outcome and results, you’re not placing your attention on yourself. You’re not placing your attention on your self-actualization, on your process, on this moment, on appreciating what you have now. You see, that is the greatest misinterpretation right there. You know, I see this continuously in my, in my own work. People come and they do my, they usually come and join me and they do my WTF Experience. So not the WTF podcast, but the actual WTF Experience. It’s an online program that I provide for free. And, uh, people usually start with that. And, and then, you know, a lot of them want to continue working with me and then sometimes they, they join different, you know, courses that I’m running or different coaching programs

I run some of these people, you know, sometimes working with me, uh, for in excess of 12 months and immediately, I mean, from, from the very beginning, the WTF Experience, like things start to shift, things start to crack. Things start to change within themselves immediately. Like they feel it immediately. There’s this meditation that I take people through called the Oneness Meditation. It completely opens people up. It really drops in what working on yourself is about. And uh, anyway, not to digress here, the point is when someone starts this path or starts some of this work with me, they notice this change and people, maybe their friends will go, you know, “there’s something different about you”. Or someone knows, maybe they’re doing some, some of the coaching with me. And they’ll go and ask them, “What’s changed in your life?”. The biggest thing they say is “me”. I’ve changed.

Unfortunately, most people going, yeah, but are you making more money? Uh, you are you, did you find the person you love, are you, did you, did you find that next dream job? Do you live in the bigger house? Most people are looking for the outcome or result. Now, again, I’m not saying the outcome and result doesn’t eventuate, but if you’re doing the, if you’re starting your journey, your spiritual journey to improve your outcome and results, you’re going to be very disappointed because it’s about improving you. It’s about awakening yourself. It’s about you being you. And of course, when you’re doing that, that has a flow on effect to other areas of your life. But that is the biggest misinterpretation when someone starts this journey. Look, I’ll be honest. When I first started this journey, I mean I, my journey started when I was 12. I was really a soul-seeking, truth-seeking young boy.

And it doesn’t surprise me having a mother like my, my mother, who’s been a very intuitive mother and has a, you know, I guess dropped these seeds of wisdom from a very young age. But as I got older, uh, hit my teens, my young adult days, I was just like, yeah, you know, this spiritual path isn’t going to help me make money. So I went and became an entrepreneur and I remember my mom saying to me, you know, making money’s not going to necessarily make you happy. And I was like, well, I hope it makes things easier because it’s bloody difficult right now. And, uh, so that’s, that’s how I started my journey. And when I went, you know, I think by the age of 19, I was on the verge of bankruptcy. After my first two businesses failed. I didn’t become bankrupt. I got into the next business and the next business, well, and financially I paid all my debts off and my, my lifestyle changed and I improved my lifestyle.

You know, I went from eating McDonald’s or fast food everyday to five star, you know, flying from the back of the aircraft to the front, driving in the front of the car to the back of the car, you know, everything changed… but myself. My lifestyle changed, but I didn’t. Like, I changed how I was experiencing my lifestyle, don’t get me wrong. But within me, when I was by myself, when I was no longer busy, you know, enjoying my lifestyle…when it became quiet, turn the lights off, became dark, by myself…there was still something missing there was still something not whole. There was still something not complete. And, uh, you know, that’s, you know, that’s what started me to get on this spiritual path. And I’ve gotta be honest, I came back to my spirituality, I came back to my, my path if you like.

You know, I think I was like 25, 26 I really came back to it and really took it seriously. And that’s when I kind of went on a sabbatical and let go of my corporate world, et cetera. But the reason I came back to it was because, you know, I was creating results, I was creating great outcomes, but they were difficult. That was like, it was like was pushing, pushing. And I thought “I need to go back to my roots because then I can create my outcome and results more effortlessly”. So that’s how I started and I got to tell you, I did that for a good three years. My, I remember the first three years of my journey, it was purely focused on the outcome and results. And I was like, yeah, but if I can become more Zen, if I become more conscious, if I become, you know, more connected, more intuitive than I can create the outcome and results that I was having before…but I could do it much more effortlessly now.

I spun my wheels for three years until I realized I’m not on this path to change my outcome and results. And again, I’ll say this, I’m not saying your outcome and results won’t change. As you change, the outcome and results will change. But if that’s why you’re doing it, it won’t change. You will spin your wheels and that is the greatest misinterpretation someone can have around this. They think to themselves, I am on my spiritual path, well then I can create an effortless outcome and result. And the thing is, your attention is in the wrong place. The attention has gotta be on you. The attention has gotta be on you. The attention’s going to be on your process, on this moment. That’s the message for today. That’s the podcast. I’ll see you guys next time.

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