Your intellectual mind continuously labels everything as good or bad, right or wrong, positive or negative. But it’s not. That is just a label you give.

Nothing is right or wrong. Nothing is good or bad. What you label as positive or negative is only your view, your perception.

As you expand your awareness, your view can change and you begin to see both right or wrong as the same. Your awareness is always proportionate to the connection you have with yourself, to the work you’ve done on yourself.

As you begin to have deeper realizations of who you are, you expand your awareness and your view changes.

In horse racing they put shields around the horses eyes. Why? Because the horse doesn’t need to have peripheral vision, it might get distracted or scared by something it sees. It’s better for the horse to be narrow-minded and only see what’s directly in front of it. So when your awareness is limited, it’s like having those shields on your eyes. You can only see right or wrong, good or bad because that’s what’s on the surface right in front of you.

As you expand your awareness, it’s like these shields have been removed and now you have peripheral vision. Yes you can focus in one place, but you can sense other things on the side, there is more to the story.

Take off the shields, open your eyes, and you will see something different.

So many people are stuck in only seeing right or wrong.

“But Amir, it is wrong!” Sure, in your limited perception it may be.

But if you expand your view, it isn’t right or wrong.
It is what it is. And it is, because it’s meant to be what it is.

You’re the one making the judgement.

Positive and negative is only energy.

If you remove the label, all that’s left is the Love, because that’s what energy is, the Real Love.

You’re choosing the view, you’re making the judgement. You’re saying it’s right or it’s wrong – based on your view, based on your perception, based on your awareness.

The further you go on your journey of self-actualization, you will see how often you are in judgement of your situation and how much you are in resistance to what is happening to you.

You will find yourself asking why. Why do you continue to judge your circumstances?

Because your awareness is still limited. The more open you become to seeing from a different view, the more your judgments will lose power.

The challenge is to not judge yourself for being in judgement.

What happens is people notice they are judging something as positive or negative and then they judge themselves for that which becomes a vicious circle of judgement that gets you nowhere. The moment you judge yourself for being in judgement, you’re reinforcing the judgement, you’re making it stronger.

When you’re experiencing yourself in judgement, just notice and observe, do not let yourself go beyond that in thought.

The more you observe, the more you will detach and over time your awareness will expand beyond your judgements of right or wrong, positive and negative and your view of your world will be different.

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