On the path to self-awareness and self-actualization, people find so many different modalities, techniques and tools to help them find themselves. Are these really necessary? No, not in the way you think. Find out more in this episode of The WTF Podcast.



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Episode Transcript:

Hello and welcome people of the universe. Welcome to today’s podcast. I’m going to continue our little side series from the misinterpretations of spirituality. A little bit of a cheeky title, it’s called today. It’s called “Do I need to be a vegan or meditate in order to be spiritual or conscious?” …

Hi, this is Amir Zoghi, speaker, coach and aerobotic pilot. I’m on a mission to inspire, move and transform people’s lives. This is the Wisdom, Truth & Freedom podcast, where I share mind blowing insights about spirituality, self-actualisation and transcending your limiting mindsets in order to live in unlimited lifestyle and to make it dent in the universe.

…I say that because, you know, on the spiritual path or the path of self-consciousness or self-awareness, people find so many different modalities and techniques and tools in order to find themselves. I’m not disregarding or saying that this is incorrect. I just want to be having the conversation about it. Do you need to be a vegan? Let’s kick yourself right off the top. Do we do need to meditate? Do you need to be a vegan? No. You do not. You need to do what feels true for you. If it feels true for you to be a vegan, then yes, by all means do that. And if I can remind you, what feels true for you, it’s an effortless experience. So that doesn’t mean you don’t require discipline. If you were, for example, wanting to be a vegan or if you were someone who wanted to meditate a lot… Yes, that requires discipline but the effortlessness of it, if you like, if that’s a word. The effortless experience when you’re doing something is true for you is like your soul is free, your soul is soaring. You are inspired to do that. It’s not a heavy process. So if it feels true for you to be a vegan, by all means be a vegan. If that is going to be supporting you on your path of spirituality or consciousness. Do you need to do that? Absolutely not. You need to do what feels true for you. In fact, that’s what I want to talk to you about today. Yes this has a little bit of a cheeky topic. But you know what I really want to talk to you about is the different modalities that you know, people feel that they need to do. The idea of having a modality is having something that’s going to allow you to be disciplined. It’s something to focus on, something to follow. This is good because when you’re doing that, it creates a flow in your thinking. You’re thinking is not getting scattered amongst all the different thoughts that you can have. It gives you a sense of direction. But ultimately and like I was saying, I really mean that when I say this is good. Because you want to start somewhere, you want to start following some kind of modality that you feel is most serving for you, that you feel it feels true for you. And it feels true for you because it resonates with you. You’re vibrating in the same energy. This feels true. But will that get you to your truth? Not exactly. It becomes a guideline. And ultimately you know the guideline. It’ll get you to the door of your truth. It will get you there. But the the requirement to walk through that door, You must leave everything behind. And when I say everything, everything that you put your power into thinking that this is what got me here. Yes, this is what got you here. But what’s going to get you move through that door is only you. It’s the royal you. It’s the authentic you. It’s then naked you. And when I say naked, I’m not talking about being naked, right? What I’m talking about is leaving behind any modalities, right?

Please don’t misinterpret what I’m saying. Modalities are supportive. They are important for you to get to the door of truth. I talk about balance and I always say that, you know, we are not here to live in balance. We here to transcend balance. And I’ll talk about this in the future podcast. But to transcend balance, one must first find balance. So to get to that point where you are ready to drop everything and that’s only you, only you is your soul. I’m not talking about physical death here. I’m talking about the death of the ego and again I will clarify this because some people think the death of the ego means there’s no ego, it means no, it doesn’t mean there’s no ego. It means that the ego is no longer in charge. The ego has become your servant rather than your servant. That is the death of the ego. And again, those I’m digressing. Those are two different conversations that I’m going to have in an upcoming podcast, for sure. But the importance of this podcast is for you to realise that the role modalities play. They play a role in order to give you a guideline to give you a sense of direction. Religion plays that role for some people. So, yes, you use that guideline. But ultimately, if you’re here to walk through that door. for you to not just know your truth, but for you to become your truth. There’s a big difference between knowing your truth and becoming your truth. The person who knows the truth can talk about it. They can teach it, but they can’t be it. Meaning they can’t live it. They can’t live what they feel is their truth. You know, they can feel the possibilities, but they can’t live the possibilities. They can feel the love, but they can’t be the love. There’s a big difference between knowing the truth and being the truth. The person is being the truth, can live it. And to be, ultimately, living your truth or being the truth, one must walk through that door. What is that door? No one can tell you what? The door is your journey, your process, where it’s led you. You get to a point. And at that point there is no modalities. No modalities can get you through that door. Only you can walk through that door and only you can become who you really here to become? But the only way you can do that is by leaving all the modalities behind. They are only the role was for them to get you where they got you. Okay, But please, my only suggestion here is around this misinterpretation that this is what I must do. For me personally, you know, I’m not saying I don’t meditate. Well, I am actually saying I don’t meditate. Because for most people, meditation is sitting down closing our eyes and meditating for a period of time. For me, I do breath work. I just focus on my breath. In one moment, I can be there. In one moment, I realise I am there through just breath. Okay, so what I’m trying to say to use when I first started my spiritual journey. My path off self-awakening if you like, whatever you want to call it self-consciousness, mindfulness, whatever word you have for it. When I first started my path, I learned that meditation was a very important part and that I must meditate. And I went to meditation bootcamp, silent retreats. And I’ve got to say it wasn’t my thing. Did I feel like I felt like I failed? Yeah, I felt like I failed. But then I found my own way and I fell in that my own breath work. I found that I was in a meditative state when I was doing what’s true for me. Right now I feel like I’m in a meditative state. I feel like when I was doing what I love, I was in a meditative state. Time seems to disappear. Okay?I know it’s very different because one is your meditating and connecting to the complete stillness. And one is the movement of the stillness known as the flow. When the stillness moves itself, when the energy moves and begins to form itself, you experience in the flow. I am experiencing the flow and I know the difference. And I can get to the stillness as well. But it’s just one breath away.

So my point is that for a long time I thought that I needed to meditate to find myself, to be at peace with myself. It wasn’t my path, it wasn’t my journey, so that’s not what I did. I do breath work, and I still do breath work, okay? And that’s what works for me. So if at any stage you’re feeling like, hey, you know what this modality is not for me, then find the modality that is. But ultimately remember, you’re going to get to a point, if you choose to go all the way, that you will leave the modalities all underneath your feet and you will step over them. That is the only way to the truth. The modalities are guidelines supporting you to get to the door of the truth. Do you need to be a vegan and meditate in order to be spiritual or conscious. No, you don’t. You need to do what feels true for you. And ultimately, you’re going to get to that door and you leave it all behind anyway. That’s my podcast for today. See you next time.


Amir Zoghi