Our greatest human need is to be loved.

When you are looking for “THE ONE”, what are you really looking for?

In love we seek acceptance, a sense of belonging and a need to feel safe. We find ourselves loving another, in order to be loved.

This need to be loved comes from an emptiness within, which you perceive to be a void.
It is a part of you,a part that you perceive to be incomplete and you interpret that incompleteness to be unworthy.

A love that you find externally fills this void…. but it does so temporarily.

This type of love that we commonly find from outside of ourselves has an agenda. It is based on a need, a need to be loved and it ultimately creates attachment.

But there is another type of Love.

A love that feels whole and complete.
An infinite love that has no agendas, no reasons.

A love that can only be realised within ourselves.

Our greatest miss interpretation when it comes to love, is that we think we are looking for the one in another, yet what we are really looking for…is THE ONE in ourselves.

This love doesn’t need to be loved, as it is love itself.

The emptiness becomes the fullness and you realise THE ONE in you.

What then changes is that you now have love to give, rather than being consumed by the love you were looking to receive.

This love gives you the freedom to be yourself.

You are free to show up without the expectations you had from a love that seeks to be loved.

You see, who you always were and always will be is…LOVE itself.

Who you have been seeking all this time is…yourself.

You are love.

It was only your perception that you were empty of love…

You are THE ONE.