The WTF Podcast – Ep32: How To Find What You Love To Do

Most people confuse what they love to do with what can make them money or what their parents want them to do or what society thinks they should do. That’s not what you love to do —because Love doesn’t have an agenda. So how do you find what you love? Listen in to this...

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Reclaiming Your Power

There are only two emotions, love and fear. When we are in a state of complete acceptance, we are using the energy of love. When we are in judgement, we are using the energy of fear. If you want to be able to use your infinite capacity, your true power, you need to be...

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The WTF Podcast – Ep30: Why Do We Feel Unworthy?

Why do we feel unworthy? When you are born, you start to look for love outside you. First from your parents, then at school, then work, friends, partners. We’re constantly searching to be loved. But no matter how much or where we receive love from, we still feel...

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Free Your Mind

When a baby elephant is training for the circus, a chain is placed around its leg and pegged into the ground. Soon enough the baby elephant begins to realise that it can only live within the boundaries of the chain. However, as the elephant gets bigger, as it becomes...

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Finding Your Purpose

Why is finding our purpose so important to us? What is it that we are really looking for? When people ask me how to find their purpose, I could tell them what most people would say... "Get clear about what you are good at, the things you really enjoy doing and then go...

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The WTF Podcast – Ep28: Overcoming Fear of Failure

The biggest thing that holds us back from using our limitless capacity is fear of failure. If you knew you wouldn't fail, you wouldn't have fear, right? But great success doesn't come without failure. So why do we really fear failure and how can you overcome it?...

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