You may have heard the common teaching that “we are all connected”, “we’re all brothers and sisters on this planet”, “we are all the same”. Yes, this is true, but it’s not the whole truth. Who you are and why you are here goes one step further and this is a big misinterpretation of spirituality that if better understood could help you live a more fulfilled life. Listen in to this episode of The Wisdom, Truth & Freedom Podcast to find out the truth behind oneness.



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Episode Transcript:

Hello and welcome people of the universe. We’ve got another episode today for our series on the misinterpretations off spirituality. I’ve actually labelled today’s talk, as “Are you the ONE?”  

Hi, this’s Amir Zoghi, speaker, coach and aerobatic pilot. I’m on a mission to inspire, move and transform people’s lives. This is the Wisdom, Truth & Freedom Podcast, where I share mind-blowing insights about spirituality, self-actualisation and transcending the limiting mindsets in order live in unlimited lifestyle and to make a dent in the universe.

Very profound. It’s a very in-depth conversation. It is all about Oneness. I will tell you straight off the bat that if any of this is going over your head, I would really encourage you, to go and click below or wherever the link is to go and experience my actual program, The WTF?! Experience. And it will give you a far deeper experience of what I’m about to talk to you about. In there, there’s also a meditation, a guided meditation I take people through called the Oneness Meditation. You will then have a direct experience of what I’m talking to you about. So I would really encourage you, especially if some of this is going over your head. But even if you’re really resonating with it to go and get that. There all for free, so they’re accessible. You can download them and watch in your own time. Okay, so I will say that because I know I was a bit cautious about some of the things I’m about to share with you in today’s podcast because it is a lot deeper. Maybe you’ve never even heard of what oneness is. I’m not sure so depends who’s listening.

The misinterpretation of oneness is what I’m here to talk to you about today. It’s a pretty big misinterpretation, and you can also understand why most people would have this misinterpretation. But before I even talk about that, let’s talk about what oneness is. It’s such a difficult conversation to have, if you’re trying to describe and intellectually explain what oneness is, so I’m not going to do that. Because really, it’s not there to be understood. It’s there to be experienced. It’s there to be felt. It’s that have been known. It’s there to be realised. It’s not there too, understand? Again, you’ll understand why that is so. So rather than give you some scientific explanation, which is not really what oneness is about anyway, or some intellectual explanations (sorry for the intellectual people), what I want to give you is a reference. I’m going to give you a metaphor, a reference something that you can relate to because, when you’re talking about oneness, it’s really all about the nothingness. So how do you describe the nothingness? Because we only understand things that have parameters, has a beginning and an end. You can see me talking to you, or hear me talking to you and you can hear my voice. Or if you could see me, you would know that this message or this conversation is coming from me, so therefore, you can relate to that because it’s coming from something that you perceive to be separate to you, and it’s…our understanding… what I’m trying to say is that understanding comes from a world of duality. Once you go into the world of oneness, then it’s, you know, close the door because it’s just really a knowing, it’s not an understanding.

So, anyway, let’s get into it. So for me, the way I teach people about oneness is I share with them that, you know, I share with them the idea of the iceberg. Imagine that…. probably the closest thing before we get you to imagine…The closest thing that I can share with you that is tangible, that you could relate to, of being one is the ocean. Like if you look at the entire ocean, that is probably the greatest reference point I can give you. That is oneness. Now, of course, I know that is not oneness because there is land and you get the point and the water stops. You know, one. This means it’s continuous, its eternal. But within this worldly existence, the ocean is the closest thing I could get you. So imagine who you truly are is the ocean OK? And you then wanted to manifest it so ocean. What’s the ocean? Ocean is liquid, okay? It flows, it’s a liquid, and you wanted to manifest yourself into form. Right? Now, what’s form? It’s a solid. So if you freeze a part of the ocean, it becomes a solid. And now it has a boundary has a parameter. It has a shape to it. So hence the iceberg idea. So who you truly are is the ocean. Who you think you are is the iceberg. Because your attention is on the iceberg, this is what you understand. You understand that you begin here, you end there and this is the shape, and this is who you are. Just to continue with the iceberg metaphor, it’s quite interesting that the iceberg stands out above the ocean, yet 90% of the iceberg is within the ocean. So underneath the water. And again, what you see in your world and your potential, like the usage of your brain capacity that you use is no more than 10%. Yet there is so much more capacity that you have that goes deep underneath the ocean or that goes deep within yourself within your soul, within your heart. So what you’re experiencing in the physical realm is only 10% at the most of your capacity. The rest of your capacity has to be drawn from within you. Hence the idea of following your heart. Hence the idea for feeling, the gut feel and being in the flow. All those is the feeling moving you.

Okay, that’s part of the metaphor. But let’s go a little bit deeper. I said that your understanding your your reality of duality. Duality means two. You’re over there. I’m over here. You can understand that, right? So you can see other icebergs. And the other icebergs are the other people that you experience your life. They’re not just other people, they’re your life circumstances, life situations, that is your reality. And what you perceive is that everyone is the iceberg right now. The truth is not that. The truth is — not only is there other icebergs, but if you go deep within those other icebergs, you’re starting to realise that “Hey, we’re very much the same”. So on the surface level, you might be a different skin colour. You might see different gender. You might have different desires. You might have different fears. You might have a different language that you speak. You might have a different religion that you believe in, but if you’re going deep within you, all the icebergs underneath are very, very same same but a little bit different, if you know what I mean. Okay? And all the iceberg… and this is true fact, 90% of the iceberg is under the ocean. But if you want to take this one step further, where did the iceberg come from? Well, the iceberg came from the ocean. It is the formless. The ocean that manifested. What? It didn’t create the iceberg? No, it didn’t create it. It manifested it from itself. So not only is the iceberg sitting, not only is iceberg made out of the ocean, it’s just a different frequency. It was once formless. It has now taken form. The formless has formed itself. The liquid has created, manifested, itself into solid.

Not only is it made out of the same stuff, not only are we made out off the same stuff, we are the same one. Because if you look at the iceberg and where we all came from, it’s the same. We all come from the ocean. Not only do we come from the ocean, we are the ocean. And not only that, there’s only one ocean. Hence the idea. Are you the one? This is a philosophy, an actuality, not just a reality, that I live by and I teach. This to me is oneness. The misinterpretation of this…Actually, let me go back because of before I give you the misinterpretation, if you’ve heard other podcasts from then you will understand why I say, “you are infinite”. Because I’m not talking to you as the iceberg. I know who you really are. I know who I am. And the ocean which is the oneness which means is infinite, which is love, which is space. Just for those who’ve heard me talk about these other words in the podcast.

The ocean is who you are. The iceberg is who you are temporarily and who you perceive to be, as this body. When you one day die and you leave this body behind, what happens to the iceberg? The iceberg will melt back into the ocean. Do you really die? No. You’re no longer showing up in that form in that body, in that iceberg. You are now again the ocean. You are now again experiencing yourself as infinite energy. Now, not that you weren’t infinite energy when you were the iceberg, you were. But you were just pretending to be limited. You were just pretending to only be the iceberg. Now consciousness and becoming aware of the who you are, my whole work, my whole life teaching is about self-actualisation. Self-actualisation or being conscious, is the iceberg growing deep within itself. Rather than looking outside itself as the iceberg or looking outside at other icebergs, this iceberg goes deep within itself, where the 90% is, and then to reside and come from there more than it makes up it’s possibilities, or it makes up its reality or existence from the outside. And what happens to this iceberg? It begins to realise, “I am not the iceberg. The iceberg is how I’m showing up. I am the ocean.” Hence the idea that I always talk about, that you’re an Infinite being in a finite world. The finite world is the world of the other icebergs. But really, who you are is the infinite being. So what happens is when the iceberg realises it’s not the iceberg, but it is the ocean,  it becomes conscious. And it has the power and the potential to use its infinite capacity in the finite world. The finite world is still being the iceberg, still having a parameter, still having a boundary, was born and will die one day. Yeah? But now it becomes the ocean within the iceberg. I think Rumi says that quote really well. I hope I remember it. But he talks about “You are not the drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in the drop.” I’m so glad I remember that because it’s such a powerful quote from Rumi. “You are not the drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean within the drop.” That is what I’m talking about there. When you become an infinite being in the finite world. You realise you are no longer the drop in the ocean, you are the entire ocean within drop. You realise you’re no longer the iceberg, you are the entire ocean that the iceberg is made from and the iceberg is floating in. That, my friend, is Oneness. That is what I refer to as being an infinite being in the finite world and the misinterpretation we need to finish off with.

The misinterpretation is very difficult for people to conceive. And I’ll tell you what it is, okay? Because this’s the mind-blowing thing. And this is why I created this program, not just this podcast. The program is called The Wisdom, Truth and Freedom Experience. The reason I called it The Wisdom, Truth and Freedom Experience is because I would I would share these principles with people and people will go “What The F*Ck!? And one day, because I would continuously have people saying “What the F*ck?!… in amazement, not like this guy’s crazy. I mean, they might have had that as well, but “What the F*ck?!”, right? Theuy would not have an “ah ha” moment, they would have a “What the F*ck?! moment. And when people continuously said that in my program, I went to myself,  interesting.. I should call this program the What The F*ck?! moment. And that’s where the program was created. And then I was like “Well, actually, the acronym is the Wisdom, Truth of Freedom Experience. Which is vverything I’m talking about. I talk about wisdom, which is when you now have a direct experience of what you know, that becomes wisdom. I talk about truth and I talk about freedom. So it became the Wisdom, Truth and Freedom Experience. Anyway, people’s understanding of oneness, and even what you’ve heard so far, can be really profound because it can be accepted. You might think yourself. Yeah, that, I really relate to that, I really relate to that. There’s still the identity that is relating to that.

What you’re not going to relate to is what I’m about to share with you. Because this part is the “What the F*ck?!” moment. Because the understanding of oneness, from, I like to call it, school-level, preschool level, maybe kindergarden level, is that you and I connected. And example that I just gave to you, you will may relate to. “I like that, like that we are all the same, we all come from the same and we are the same.” And you and I are brothers and sisters in this world. Yes, that is the understanding of the oneness. And where the problem lies, the problem is you’re seeing you and I are connected as one. But the problem is that is the understanding of it. And like I said to the beginning, you cannot understand oneness. You can only experience it. From an understanding, you understand there is you and there is me. That’s safe. Your ego feels safe in that because your ego is a part of you that is identifying with things. So therefore it’s still exists within the identity. You and I are one. You and I are brothers and sisters on this planet. You and I are one of the same. You and I are interconnected not only you and I, but all of us are one of the same. That is the misinterpretation of oneness.

And what I’m about to say is not very necessarily for everyone, but oneness means you are the One. There is no you and I. That is the illusion. There’s only you as the One. When you say there’s you and I, it’s like the iceberg saying you and I. What you and I? Who is this iceberg? The One. Who’s this iceberg, the One. Then who is this? You and I? You see, mind-bender. What the f*ck. Because to really grasp oneness, you must transcend the you or the identity, the I. Okay? And that’s why oneness from an understanding level feels nice. It’s good, but not where I… it’s not where I want to stop the teaching, I want to go all the way. And maybe when I go all the way, it’s not for you. And that’s fine. You just take what you need to from this. But some of you, very few, will begin to realise that. There is no you and I. There’s only I, or more powerfully, there’s only the One. There’s only one energy. Yes, you’re experiencing the iceberg. But what is the iceberg and what is all the other icebergs, what is the other drops. Rumi, the great Persian poet, as I said before… he said that “you are not the drop in the ocean”. Now, it’s easy to understand that you are the drop in the ocean because there’s another drop, and another drop, another drop, there’s another drop, and there’s so many drops. But who are those drops? Take the identity away from the drop. Take the parameters away from the drop. Who’s the drop? There is no drop, if you took the parameters away, and now it’s just one, one energy. “You are not the drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in the drop”. Such a beautiful statement from Rumi. So that is the misinterpretation. The misinterpretation is that we’re all connected. Yes, that’s true, but it’s not the entire truth. Oh, you and I are one. Yes, that’s true. But that’s not entirely true. Oh, we all come from the same place. Yes, that’s true. But that’s not the entire truth. The entire truth is you’re the One. You are the One. I really encourage you to download for free the WTF Experience and have a deeper experience of what I just said. Because what I just said is a theoretical experience. You’re listening to my words. You can feel it. You know, it’s probably landing somewhere. Maybe it’s igniting something in you, but I would really encourage you to have a deeper experience by downloading the WTF Experience and especially experiencing that Oneness Meditation.



Amir Zoghi