Are You Making Decisions From Your Ego?

Often people on this journey get caught up in whether they're making decisions from their ego or from their heart. The first thing to notice is the judgement behind that questioning. The thing is, the voice that's saying the ego is bad...IS the ego.  So is it ok to...

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Living & Dealing With Your Ego

Today Jamie and I talk about how to recognize your ego, and how to deal with it's existence without letting it hold you back. Want to dive deeper and get our support in dealing with your ego? Sign up for our 14 Day Mind Over Matter Challenge to get started and find...

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Finding Comfort in the Unknown

Amir & Jamie sat down to talk about seeing the fun in the uncertainty, finding comfort in this discomfort, finding knowing and comfort in the unknown. If you find yourself worrying about things that haven't happened yet, this video is for you! Want to dive deeper and...

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How Much Power Do Your Thoughts Have?

Do your thoughts control your reality? Can forcing "positivity" help you overcome your fears and help you find the happiness you're seeking? What about your beliefs.... Do they effect what shows up in your life? And if so, are those set in stone? These are questions...

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How to Master Using Your Intuition

Have you ever had an amazing creative idea, or felt moved, almost compelled to do something, but it didn’t work for you like you felt intuitively that it would? Have you ever wondered why your Intuition didn't work? First you need to know the difference between your...

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