Resistance & Following The Feeling

How do you know if you're doing what's true for you? What does it mean when you have resistance to doing something? In this video I share what following the feeling is like using the common example of going to the...

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How to Overcome Fear

One of the greatest thing holding us back from finding success and happiness in life is FEAR. So how do you overcome...

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Why Your Spiritual Path Isn’t Working

Many people treat their spiritual path like they would a career in the corporate world. They see a ladder that needs to be climbed to reach a specific outcome or result. Do you think that once you reach some level of spiritual enlightenment you'll then feel happier or...

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You can know it, but are you LIVING this?

Amir sits down with Thomas Miller on the Subconscious Mind Mastery Podcast to talk about how to actually LIVE & master self-actualisation to live infinitely. Many people use different strategies, like the Law of Attraction, energy work, meditation and more...but still...

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Why You Can’t Follow Your Intuition

You may recognize when your intuition is telling you to do something, but you likely don't actually follow it. Here is the #1 reason people can't or don't follow their intuition: Learn what your intuition really is and how to use it effectively, by watching my...

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Why You Aren’t Achieving Your Goals

Many people start the new year with goal setting and resolutions. But there are two common pitfalls most people fall into and may be the reason why you aren't achieving most of your goals. Learn a different way to set goals and live more infinitely by watching my...

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Want What You Have, Give What You Don’t

I posted this quote on Instagram last week... "Want what you have, and give what you don't". I know many get confused by this and it can easily be misinterpreted. So I filmed a short video explaining exactly what I mean (it's probably not what you think). Enjoy! Love...

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The Truth About Manifestation

Vision boards, positivity, all the woo woo stuff; is not what will help you manifest what you want in your life. When something is true for you, you realize it. It's not a decision, it's a realization. You can't force a manifestation. In fact, it's not even you that...

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Reclaiming Power to Neutralise Emotions

In a recent live streaming event for my foundational program, The WTF?! Experience, I shared with attendees the concept of Reclaiming Power. I talked about the energy of acceptance and how to neutralise your emotions to free yourself from your limitations. Watch the...

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