Live With Amir | Rising Above Fear

In these uncertain times, as the coronavirus ravages the world, Amir shares his wisdom on what your fears are and how to rise above them. Click here to learn more about his foundational program to feel more certain in the uncertain, The WTF?! Experience. Catch Amir...

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The WTF Podcast – Episode 21: Will Hard Work Pay Off?

No matter what work you do, for money, for family, for hobbies…the work you should be doing should make you feel ALIVE. It’s not about working HARD, it’s about doing the right work. So what is the “right” work? How do you know if you’re doing what’s true for you?...

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Can we Tame the Monkey Mind?

In order to realise our Limitless potential, we first need to recognise the thoughts and behaviours which are in fact, keeping us limited. You see, the mind is where our truest potential is realised but NOT in the “monkey mind”. The “monkey mind” never switches off....

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Harnessing The Power of Your Intuition

Have you ever noticed in the past, a time when you felt to do something so strongly and you didn't know why but you just knew? But then your mind kicked in, asking you all the questions like "how can it happen?", "It's not possible!", "I don't have the resources",...

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