Why do you think you keep repeating the same patterns. Why do we find ourselves in the same circumstances, the same type of relationships, surrounded by the same type of people, the same outcomes? Why do you continuously repeat those patterns?

It’s very simple and it’s not about changing your beliefs or changing your conditioning in order to change those results or outcomes.

It’s about pulling yourself completely out of those beliefs, pulling yourself completely out of the patterns.

We have a thought. That thought then determines how we see the world, it determines our perception. Our perception then determines our experience. Our experience then determines what our beliefs are going to be. Our beliefs then re-enforce that original thought as being real. That is a pattern. That is your reality.

The idea is not to change the thought or change the belief. That’s what you call your boxed reality. The idea is to transcend the box. Go outside of the box.

It’s not the thought and it’s not the belief or your experience that needs to change. It’s your perception, the way you view your life.

Perception is your view of life. If I were wearing orange sunglasses today, my view of the world is orange. If you were wearing blue sunglasses, your view of the world is tinted blue.

Now we could argue about that, about which is right or wrong. We could fight about it and even go to war about it. The key is not to change the perception itself. Ultimately, if you want to remove yourself from the box thinking, from living inside your limited box…

You must remove the sunglasses.

You must remove the colored lens. Not CHANGE the lens. It’s not about whether it’s yellow, blue or green. The ultimate view to change is by removing the sunglasses. If we remove the sunglasses, we all see the same.

How do you remove the glasses? How do you relieve yourself from only seeing your world through your limited lens?

We have our 5 human senses. It’s what we see, smell, hear, taste and touch. But we’re not limited by those 5 human senses. But we’re not just a human, we’re a human being. Our sense that we use for our BEING-ness is our 6th sense.

Your 6th sense is what you use when you follow your feeling. You may recognize a “knowing” that you sometimes tap into. Sometimes you get these ideas and solutions, these realizations. There are moments when you experience happiness for no reason. That’s when you use your BEING sense. It’s not because this or that is happening or not happening. You’re just sitting there and you have a moment of feeling joy, of feeling light, feeling blessed. We label that as happiness but that’s when we’re tapping into our 6th sense.

A lot of your creativity, your true insights, your true ideas, come from your 6th sense.

What I want to talk to you guys about is how we can actually tap into that 6th sense and be able to use it at will. Not just randomly when you have an insight or idea. Your 6th sense has everything to do with your self-realization. Not your self-development. The part of you that uses it’s 6th sense doesn’t need to develop, it’s already developed. It’s not looking to fix, improve or change anything. It’s not looking for an outcome or results in order for it to feel fulfilled. It already is fulfilled. That part of you is driven without reason. It’s driven by the most powerful force we can tap into: LOVE.

This is what I call the REAL love. Not the need of being loved, but just pure love.The real love has no reason. But this can only be tapped into as you self-realize, not as you self-develop. Everything I share with people is about self-realization. So if you want to stop repeating the same patterns. If you feel like you’re on a treadmill. The same people, the same type of relationship, the same results. Why do you keep repeating this? Why do you try harder, work harder, be better, but you keep getting the same results?

It’s not about changing your thoughts. It’s not about changing your beliefs. It’s not about changing your experience. It’s about changing HOW you experience. It’s about changing your view of your experience. Not just changing from one lens to another, but taking off the lens altogether, by realizing who you are beyond your limited box.

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