In a world saturated with seminars, programs and books promising quick fixes and instant gratification, have you ever wondered why the positive effects seem to always fade away?

Join Amir as he discusses his experience moving away from the world of personal development and towards the concept of self-realization. He shares the story with co-host Christina Tindale of when he realized “what’s the point of the next seminar I go to if I can’t live it?”

In this episode, Amir reflects on the fixation in self-development of always doing and having more externally and how that only leads to always chasing the next goal or outcome. He shares how he found lasting change by instead focusing on the internal work of self-actualization.

Discover the powerful perspective that self-realization is not about what you do or what you have, but about embracing who you are at your core. In a world fixated on appearances, goals, and external validation, this conversation challenges us to look beyond the mirror’s reflection and connect with our true being—the version of ourselves we came here to be.

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Amir Zoghi