Limitless Podcast Episode 2

Join Amir as he returns to the recording studio after his world tour, sharing a compelling new episode of Limitless. Joined by his co-host Christina Tindale, (aka “the voice of the people”) they explore the roots of Amir’s profound fascination with the concept of “infinity” and the realm of living with infinite possibilities.

In this riveting episode, Amir opens up about his personal odyssey of self-realization, delving into the origin of his lifelong fascination with life’s big questions and the exploration of infinite potential. From his early years, Amir shares how his relentless self-inquiry and life experiences challenged the conventional belief that life merely revolves around working to survive and proving your worth. The conversation unfolds the narrative of Amir’s transformative journey, where questioning the status quo led him to realize his soul’s true purpose.

Tune in to discover the art of living infinitely as Amir gives us a behind the scenes look at what a typical day in his life feels like. You’ll see that living with infinite possibilities is not just a lovely concept, but an actual way of being.  

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Amir Zoghi