Why is finding our purpose so important to us?
What is it that we are really looking for?

When people ask me how to find their purpose, I could tell them what most people would say…

“Get clear about what you are good at, the things you really enjoy doing and then go and work really hard at doing just that”

OR I can give them the truth….

You see, the greatest purpose we can realise is within ourselves. It doesn’t come from what we do. Because when you realise who you are, you then give purpose to what you do…it’s different.

When you get purpose from what you do, you become controlling, you become attached. You begin to need to do what you are doing, in order to feel a sense of meaning and purpose. When we are in need of something, we become a slave to it. Then the very thing we need begins to control us.

You see, there are only two energies – love and fear. When you do something out of need, you will no doubt fall into the energy of fear.

When you are doing what you love for no reason, with no agenda, you are using the infinite energy of love.
Because love does not have an agenda.
Love does not lack.
Love does not need.
Love is not attached.
Love is infinite.

Your greatest depth of purpose is Love.

That is why you usually find your purpose in doing what you love to do. Because purpose is love.

So, if purpose is love…
And it is not realised in what you do, but, in who you are…
What you are realising is yourself…
Yourself as infinite Love.
You then become purposeful and loving in who you are.
You live purposefully. You live and move with love.
You then give purpose to what you do, rather than look to get purpose from what you do.

You are in fact giving love to what you do, rather than needing to get love from what you do.

When was the last time you did something with love, from love, without any expectation of receiving love?


If love doesn’t have an agenda, and love doesn’t have a reason, then the very thing that you are doing…is purely because you love to.

Not because you need to be loved and accepted.
Not because it is going to make you well known or recognised.
Not because it is going to make you more money.

(Even though that will most likely be a result of doing what you love)

You see, in truth —what you are really looking for when you are looking for your purpose is Yourself!