One of the biggest misinterpretations of spirituality is that people think love is free. Do we value something we receive for free or do we value it more if we pay for it? Do you think love is free? I have an answer you may not agree with at first. Listen in to hear why I do not believe love is free.



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Episode Transcript:

Welcome people of the great universe. Today, we’re going to continue this side project of mine. These episodes for these podcasts, the Misinterpretations of Spirituality. And I feel this is probably one of the biggest ones, one of the greatest misinterpretations that I can share with you and it’s called “Is Love Free?”.

Hi, this’s Amir Zoghi, speaker, coach and aerobatic pilot. I’m on a mission to inspire, move and transform people’s lives. This is the Wisdom, Truth & Freedom Podcast, where I share mind-blowing insights about spirituality, self-actualisation and transcending your limiting mindsets in order to live in unlimited lifestyle and to make it a dent in the universe.

Let’s pause for a sec because I know in your mind you probably have a potential answer for yourself. You know, what’s your answer to that question? Is it free or is it not? Do we experience the value of something when we received for free, or do we experience the value of something when we’ve paid for it? Now paying for something…I’m not necessarily just talking about financial payment. I’m talking about paying through experience, paying through effort or work, paying through, you know, potential hurdles that you had to climb through. So sometimes, you know, the mind immediately thinks the dollar signs. I want to open up this conversation and not limit it to the dollar signs. It’s not always about money, even though in the most people’s minds would just go into love free. Well, you know, their thinking about dollars. But we can talk about the dollar’s as well, but more importantly, the question is… Is love free? This is one of the greatest misinterpretations I believe there is. Because, you know, it is and isn’t. Let’s just put it that way for now, and I want to elaborate on how it is and how it isn’t. Such a such a grand topic. Such a big conversation to have and it’s, you know, I really want to take my time with this because I don’t want to add to the misinterpretations. It’s very important for this to land with, you know, anyone who’s listening to this. Of course, like always, you know, I’m not here to preach anything, and you know, I’m here to give you my own, pondering my own contemplations. And then you can take that and see how it lands for you, how you feel about that and contemplate it for yourself. Ponder about it yourself and see what you come up with, with finding the answer to that question. Is love free?

So I’ll tell you my straight out answer. Is love free? And on one level, it’s not. And I’ll explain why. If you look at anything that you have great value for, there is some kind of payment you’ve made. Look at the greatest thing. Maybe a child birth, maybe your child’s wedding. Maybe, you know, winning a gold medal. Maybe a great business success, maybe falling in love. You know? If you look at anything that you hold with great value and that you treasure, you have paid for that. It’s never come for free. And it’s, again, I might remind you here I’m not just talking about financial payments. I’m talking about… a woman giving birth to a child. I mean, the pain, the nine months of nurturing and holding this baby. It doesn’t come for free. You know, whether it was a gold medal, you won or you any kind of winnings in sports or anything. Tell me you didn’t work hard towards that. It doesn’t just come for free. And if it did, would you then hold the same value? You know, you go to your children’s wedding one day. There is many years. Or maybe their graduation? Years…you put into raising your child. Heartbreaks, love, moments of connection, moments of pain. Like, just think about it, you know? And there you are at their graduation or there you are you at their wedding. And if you’ve never done that before, maybe you haven’t had kids before. You can reflect on that. You know, you can relate to that because you are the child of someone else. Okay? Or maybe it’s not hard to reflect on that. So we go on about that. But tell me that that came for free and I’ll change my name. It doesn’t come for free. It comes with a lot of giving of yourself. You put a lot of your energy, your own love, into something before you realise the value of the something.

So you may then not like that answer, because it’s like, well, that sounds really terrible. Because if anything is free in this world, it is love. Oh, yes, it is and you are right? You are right. Love is free. But it’s only free to those who have attained it. Those who have valued it, those who hold love in their hands. Do you know what I mean? The love that you have with your child… nobody could love your child as much as you do. Nobody had to raise them. Nobody else had to raise your child. Nobody else had to give birth to your child. Nobody else felt their heart beat when they were inside of you, nobody else felt them move inside of your body. And of course, this is not just limited to women. This is open for men and lots of different reference points. I’m just using that as an example. Nobody can love your child like you can. Because nobody had to go through, and continues to go through, what you do. So you have this great value for your child. You have this great love because of what you have given. You have put your own soul into something and therefore there is great value. You pay for it, and once you pay for it, you can now receive it. And, yes, love is free, but only for one who’s already paid.

So to answer that question, is love free? Yes, it is, but only for someone who’s paid to recognise what that love is. And we’re not just talking about child birth here. I gave you many other examples. Your business. Success and accomplishments. Graduating from school. For me becoming a pilot. For me to attain and to have a direct experience of exactly what I’m sharing with you. I can’t study this. I didn’t study this. I don’t read about this in a book. This comes from me. This is me. I share with you a part of myself. I couldn’t do that unless I had paid for it. And I paid for it through experiences, through moments of having absolute certainty from my heart. An absolute feeling to follow a certain journey. Yet the world would say no. The hurdles, the complications in my reality would say it’s not possible. I would speak what I feel to speak, even though I didn’t even know what I was speaking about when I first started. This what I have in my hand and what I share with people around the world did not just land in my hands. Yes, Some of you have probably heard that you said you put a mere your your mum. She’s the one handed this. My mom gave me a seed. A seed of possibility, a truth. But for that seed to become what it’s become, I have to go through what I’ve been through, to be able to share what I’m sharing, to be able to live, how I’m living, to become the person that I’ve become. It hasn’t been easy, but it’s been worth it. And it’s the most treasured thing I have. And today I share this message of love with people from all around the world. Yes, the message can be free. You may not be paying to listen to this message right now. You may be receiving this for free, but for you to be able to live this, you must pay. You will pay through your experiences. You may pay financially as well. We’re not limiting this to finance or limiting this just to the experiences. You will pay through your age. You will pay through your years and you will value it as the most treasured thing. What you’re receiving from me is a seed. For that seed to grow, you must have a direct experience of what I know. You must have a direct experience of what I’m sharing with you and the direct experience of this. It’s something that you will pay. But once you paid, I’m not paying any more. I know my value. I know the value I have in my family. The value I have in my neighbourhood, my community. I know the value I have in my team. I know the value I have in my, with my, clients. I’m not paying any more. But there was a time to get to this moment in my life I paid. So for me, love is free. But to realise what love it was or what love truly is I paid for that. And it was a very, very high price. And what I mean by high price I don’t mean like it costs me. It’s something of great value.

So is love free? Yes and no. It’s open to your interpretation. Maybe it’s worth re listening to what I just shared with you for truly land where it is intended to land, deep in your soul. This’s the end of our podcast for today until next time.


Amir Zoghi