You don’t need to compromise your happiness for weight loss

Being healthy is a priority in my life, but I put on 20kg after becoming a dad, and my priorities wavered. Not long ago, I had a ‘dad bod’, I snacked regularly and enjoyed my chocolates–and I didn’t give the same amount of energy to my health and fitness as I did before becoming a father.

The reality of letting things slide in this area of my life hit me when I was due for my Aviation Medical, a process I have to go through each year to meet my responsibilities as a Commercial Aerobatic Pilot.

That moment sparked the desire for change. 

I wanted to be fit again and get down to 90kg—the weight my body feels most comfortable versus 110kg (where I was).



If you’re someone that’s yo-yo’d with weight and battled with food or diets, you’ll relate to the frustration that’s often associated with trying to get fit or lose weight–in a sustainable way.

If you’ve experienced this, you’ll relate to that tipping point where all of a sudden, you don’t feel strong, energised or confident in your skin. Or maybe you get a serious medical wake-up call that says, if you don’t do something now, it may cost you your life.

Thankfully, that wasn’t me, but I’ve coached many people over the years who had to make health changes FAST because their life depended on it. Transforming the relationship they were having with themselves was no longer optional!

And that’s the secret to making LASTING change (that no one wants to talk about): 

It’s about transforming the relationship you’re having with yourself first.



Often, when we’re ready to make a change, we get disciplined and focus on attaining the result. The issue with that approach is that the change won’t be sustainable. 

You’ll either:

  1. Succeed at attaining the result you want, but you won’t be happy because you’ll be depriving yourself in some way, shape, or form to maintain that result (for the rest of your life).
  1. You’ll yo-yo with your progress and results. You might lose the weight, then gain it, lose a bit more and then plateau before putting it all back on again. Or you may be successful in changing your eating habits short term only to revert to those old patterns again–no matter how hard you try to stay disciplined.

WHY? Because you didn’t change the relationship, you were having with the result. The relationship with yourself didn’t transform; you only made changes on the surface level.

Don’t get me wrong, being disciplined has its place, yet how many people do you know (maybe you’re one of them) who are highly disciplined and have achieved the results they want, but they’re unhappy?

And yes, eating healthy and moving your body is an important part of making changes to your health, but focusing ONLY on these two things won’t give you LASTING change.

LONG-LASTING change comes from transforming the relationship you’re having with yourself. 

But how do you do that? WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE



This video shares how I lost over 20kg and then put it straight 20kg back on. However, I also share how this process allowed me to realise I hadn’t yet transformed my relationship with food and exercise.

Once I started focusing on transforming the relationship I was having with exercise and food, that’s when the 20kg started coming off again to now, where I have sustained the weight loss. 

And, if you haven’t been challenged in this area of your life, this video still applies to you because what I share translates to other areas of your life like finances, wealth, relationships, confidence, creativity and your life purpose.

The core of everything we have or do not have in life comes down to the relationship we’re having with ourselves. Everything is interconnected, so once you change your relationship with yourself, your whole life begins to transform.

  • Once you find equilibrium, you CAN stop the yo-yo-ing. When you stop focusing on the results and shift your attention to the relationship you’re having with your body, you’ll achieve long-lasting results.
  • When you change the relationship with your health, wellbeing, and food, you’ll naturally find you have the time, money and inspiration to do the things you’d love to do.

To maintain my results, all I do is follow my intuition and listen to my body. But ultimately, it’s having changed the relationship with my results that’s allowed me to keep the weight off. Because how effective you are is proportional to the relationship you’re having with yourself.