The WTF Podcast – Episode 16: Is love free?

One of the biggest misinterpretations of spirituality is that people think love is free. Do we value something we receive for free or do we value it more if we pay for it? Do you think love is free? I have an answer you may not agree with at first. Listen in to hear...

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The WTF Podcast – Episode 14: Are you the ONE?

You may have heard the common teaching that "we are all connected", "we're all brothers and sisters on this planet", "we are all the same". Yes, this is true, but it's not the whole truth. Who you are and why you are here goes one step further and this is a big...

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The WTF Podcast – Episode 10: Do you have free will?

Having free will means you can make a decision that is yours and yours only. So do you have it? I thinks so - but there is one big caveat. The free will most people think they have, they aren’t actually using. This is a big misinterpretation of spirituality and one I...

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