The Love Experiment: ONE Retreat

One thing that is difficult for most people on their spiritual path is feeling alone in the journey. There is enormous power in being surrounded by people speaking the same language, understanding what you are going through and being a mirror for what you most need to...

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Are you fabricating “the feeling”?

The biggest struggle most people run into with living from intuition in their lives is knowing what their true feeling is. More often than not, what you're following is a fabricated feeling. It's a feeling your ego has hijacked and labeled "Intuition". When the ego...

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The Love Experiment: The Power of Paying

Are you great at manifesting free things? Maybe you'd like to be? In this episode of The Love Experiment, I sits down with Jamie to talk about my experience in manifesting free things and the moment things finally shifted for me when it comes to manifesting money. I...

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The Love Experiment: Can Love Conquer Fear?

Can love conquer fear? Is my love for flying big enough to help someone overcome their fear of it? In this episode, I’m taking my very resistant team member Mathieu up for an aerobatics flight to find out. I hope you enjoyed that episode! I'd love to know what you...

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Resistance & Following The Feeling

How do you know if you're doing what's true for you? What does it mean when you have resistance to doing something? In this video I share what following the feeling is like using the common example of going to the...

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