Who you truly are is Energy

Formless infinite energy


Imagine this: The ocean and an iceberg.

The ocean represents the formless energy, WHO YOU TRULY ARE.

The iceberg represents the form, WHO YOU PERCEIVE YOURSELF TO BE.

The ocean can change its shape and manifest itself into a solid by freezing a part of itself to form an iceberg.

The iceberg begins to look at its parameters, it’s form and believes that it IS in fact the iceberg.

But what is the iceberg made of? The ocean.
Where is the iceberg? Within the ocean.
When the iceberg melts, what does it become? The ocean.

The iceberg is what you PERCEIVE yourself to be.
It’s not who YOU really are,
Because who you really are…

IS the ocean.

The ocean has many icebergs, each separated in form, but all formed from the one ocean.

Whilst floating in the ocean, the icebergs sense something more.
They feel they are connected but still perceive each other to be separate.

But how can they be separate, they are formed from the one ocean.
They are floating in the one ocean…. they are the ONE.

Who you truly are is THE ONE

….. THE ONE INFINITE ENERGY manifested into FORM.

You are an infinite being, in a finite world.