In order to realise our Limitless potential, we first need to recognise the thoughts and behaviours which are in fact, keeping us limited. You see, the mind is where our truest potential is realised but NOT in the “monkey mind”.

The “monkey mind” never switches off. It will criticise you, build you up, bring you back down again. It focuses on what others may think of you and will endlessly analyse their words and behaviours as well as your own. This type of thinking is all focused on what is happening around you and to you and is the place where you experience over thinking and ultimately overwhelm.

The monkey mind is like the gatekeeper to the “Limitless mind”. The monkey mind is full of distractions and if you entertain them, you will struggle to move forward and achieve your limitless potential. You cannot control the monkey mind, you cannot get rid of it, that is impossible. But you can bypass it, step around it, transend it. If you don’t give it any attention, it will stop trying to get your attention… Then you can access the “Limitless mind”.

The “Limitless mind” is the quiet mind, the peaceful mind, the present mind. It is where true creativity comes from and is the space where your limitless potential is born from. You know this place, you have experienced it before, even if only fleeting. It is the place your intuition comes from. It is your inner knowing, your inner certainty.

Amir Zoghi

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