There are only two emotions, love and fear.

When we are in a state of complete acceptance, we are using the energy of love. When we are in judgement, we are using the energy of fear.

If you want to be able to use your infinite capacity, your true power, you need to be able to master the art acceptance and let go of judgment. Because judgement is what keeps you stuck in your circumstances…stuck in your limitations…and caging your unwanted emotions. It is through judgement that you continue to give your power away.

The challenge is that acceptance is not something you “do”, acceptance is a state of being.

You can’t do acceptance, you are being accepting.
You can’t do compassionate, you are being compassionate.
You can’t do love, you are being loving.

Most people think that acceptance is the same as forgiveness. It is not.

When you need to “forgive”, you are implying that something is wrong — and therefore you are in a state of judgement.

Acceptance is when the two energies of love and fear, right and wrong, positive and negative, come together and embrace as one.

Because who you truly are is not just the positive parts, not just the parts that are love.
You are all the parts that make you who you are — including the parts that you dislike and have disowned.

You are both the love and the fear, the positive and the negative, the right and the wrong…
All wrapped up together as ONE.


When you are in judgement, you are resisting how you feel, you are caging your emotions. When you are in acceptance, you are embracing how you feel and freeing what was once caged.

Picture this…

When you love someone, when you truly miss them, once you are reunited with them, what do you do? You open your arms wide and embrace them, don’t you?

When you see a child who is sad and afraid, who is crying, what do you do?
You embrace them. You patiently wait until their pain subsides, until there are no more tears, until they feel love.

So when it comes to you, and your emotions that you judge…In order to transcend your judgments and reclaim your power…Just like the child, embrace the emotions by sitting with them. Allow them to be without resistance.

By trusting that process, you will fall back into love.

Because to accept is to embrace and to embrace is to love, and LOVE is what HEALS.

Your greatest power is LOVE.