In this episode of “Limitless with AZ,” dive deep into the essence of “The Infinite Feeling” with Amir Zoghi. Discover the transformative journey of how Amir unlocked and embraced this profound intuition, guiding him to unparalleled results and fulfillment in life. Explore practical examples that illuminate how integrating this infinite feeling can lead to a richer, more aligned existence, and understand why embracing this practice is crucial for anyone seeking a life of depth and purpose.

Amir shares his personal story, shedding light on his evolution from chasing external successes to finding true satisfaction within. He distinguishes between fleeting emotions and the deep-seated intuition that propels us toward our true selves, offering insights into the art of living beyond the constraints of fear and doubt.

Listeners seeking a roadmap to a more fulfilled life, curious about the power of intuition, or looking to transform their approach to personal and professional challenges will find invaluable wisdom in Amir’s journey.

Tune in to unravel how to access your Infinite Feeling, understand the difference between emotions and the feeling, and learn how to apply this understanding to your daily life for a more meaningful and peaceful journey.

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Amir Zoghi