Have you ever noticed in the past, a time when you felt to do something so strongly and you didn’t know why but you just knew?

But then your mind kicked in, asking you all the questions like “how can it happen?”, “It’s not possible!”, “I don’t have the resources”, “I’ve never done it before”, “I don’t know where to start” etc… then the feeling is gone, you lost it!

You see your intuition feels only the possibilities, it’s your mindset that brings in the limitations.

In order to tap into the unlimited possibilities of your Intuition, you need to acknowledge it in the moment that it is presented to you. If you do not connect to that “feeling”, that “knowing” and respond to it, what is possible can pass you by…. This is what is meant by the power of the present moment.

When you are focused, connected and quiet in the mind, you are able to harness your intuition and connect to the possibilities. BUT, you must then take the action that presents itself in that moment, without doubt or question.

The thing is, we all have access to the power of our intuition however we may have become accustom to ignoring it, questioning it, doubting it and ultimately distrusting it because we are seeking the evidence of it before we are prepared to act on it – BUT it is always there!

To truly be able to utilise your Intuition and the knowledge it brings, requires an expansion in your mindset.

As an International Speaker and Coach, I work with people to expand their mindset in order to reach their full potential and one component that is essential in creating a limitless mindset, is the ability to harness your intuition and connect to your inner certainty.

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I look forward to seeing you there and sharing with you the key principles of a Limitless Mindset and how to implement and embody them!

Love Big!

Amir Zoghi