When a baby elephant is training for the circus, a chain is placed around its leg and pegged into the ground. Soon enough the baby elephant begins to realise that it can only live within the boundaries of the chain.

However, as the elephant gets bigger, as it becomes a full grown elephant, an adult elephant,
it now has the power and the capacity to free itself…by pulling out that peg from the ground and walking free.

But it does not. Why?

Because it has learned that it can’t. It has been conditioned. It has been taught that its capacity is limited. The elephant has not yet realised that it’s strength and capacity is no longer limited to the baby elephant.

You too may be like that fully grown BIG elephant who still believes that it is limited. You too may have been conditioned to believe that you are small. Conditioned to believe that you can’t, that your capacity is limited — limited by the perception of who you think you are.

You see, it is the little you that is manipulating just to get ahead in the world — ahead of everyone else. Its the little you that doesn’t feel that you are enough and that keeps attracting the same relationships. Its the little you who continues to repeat your old patterns, unable to break free from your limitations, repeating the same life lessons over and over again.It’s the little you that can’t surpass your personal best, the one you achieved so long ago.

So the question to ask yourself is — why do you keep staying small?

It’s because of the relationship you are having with yourself. It’s because of how you’re continuing to see yourself and ultimately who you are.

The reality that you see, who you perceive yourself to be, is all based on your conditions. It’s all based on you being the little you rather than opening your mind to who you really are as the BIG you.

You see, the BIG you is willing to go outside of it’s comfort zone, its willing to venture out into the unknown.

The BIG you will not negotiate on its happiness, its joy, its love.

The BIG you is not satisfied with your achievements, it yearns for something more meaningful. It yearns for who you came here to be, what you are here to share and to give, and how it will touch the lives of others.

You know the BIG you, don’t you?
The BIG you is the real YOU.
It’s the you that feels and thinks in the NOW.
The you that senses the possibilities.
The you that already is worthy.

Its been with you, a part of you, since you were born. And it will stay with you and have your back all the way through to the end.

If you want to see it, just take your attention off the little you and what the little you wants, then you will feel it.

You will see it, as your view transforms. And you will move with it as your flow.

You didn’t come here to be limited, to be pegged down by an imaginary chain and live small. You didn’t come here to beg from the world to give you permission.

You came here to create value in the world. You came here to manifest your world, to bend your reality.

Now go ahead and be who you really came here to be…

Because there is no one else that can be that, qnd there is no one else that can do that for you.

Time to come out of your shell,
time to come out of the shadows,
time to really be…Yourself.