Finding Your Purpose

Why is finding our purpose so important to us? What is it that we are really looking for? When people ask me how to find their purpose, I could tell them what most people would say... "Get clear about what you are good at, the things you really enjoy doing and then go...

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The WTF Podcast – Ep28: Overcoming Fear of Failure

The biggest thing that holds us back from using our limitless capacity is fear of failure. If you knew you wouldn't fail, you wouldn't have fear, right? But great success doesn't come without failure. So why do we really fear failure and how can you overcome it?...

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Looking For “The One”

Our greatest human need is to be loved. When you are looking for “THE ONE”, what are you really looking for? In love we seek acceptance, a sense of belonging and a need to feel safe. We find ourselves loving another, in order to be loved. This need to be loved comes...

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Rising Above Fear

Most people will have a fear of failure in some form. In fact, anyone who has ever achieved and accomplished great things…. has had more than their fair share of failures. The problem is that what most people see, or choose to see, is only the success. But in order to...

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You Are The One

 Who you truly are is Energy Formless infinite energy YOU ARE THE FORMLESS ENERGY MANIFESTED INTO FORM Imagine this: The ocean and an iceberg. The ocean represents the formless energy, WHO YOU TRULY ARE. The iceberg represents the form, WHO YOU PERCEIVE YOURSELF TO...

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