Mastering the art of effortless flow, following the feeling and living intuitively in this 5-Day Challenge.

Amir Zoghi

Hi it’s Amir Zoghi here!

One thing that people continue to ask me to share is a step-by-step method, or tool that could help them encompass their true Infinite potential.

They want to “live this stuff”, experience that effortless life they yearn for and be who they really came here to be.

Well, all I can tell you is that for the last 20 years of my life I have relied entirely on the use of my Intuition to navigate my life. I’ve made what seemed impossible to the naked eye become my reality entirely by following my “feeling”.

So if there is one tool or one method that I could share with you, that will allow you too to become the master of your destiny, it would be how to use your intuition correctly.

I say “correctly” because more often than not, people get lost in identifying what they’re true intuitive feeling really is. They unconsciously fabricate a feeling which they label as their intuition.

They can then quite simply fall into what I refer to as woowoo or in lala land.

I consider myself an Intuitive. All the content and programs that I have created and share, have been created intuitively. I do not read books about it, nor research it. I use my “in-Tuition”.

How I navigate my life, my business, my health and my family life, is entirely with the use of my intuition and following my feeling.

I’m now looking for select individuals who I can teach and pass on my intuitive way of living through my new 5-day Intuitive Warrior Challenge.

If that is you, you will know that it is you.

If you’ve been looking for a sign, maybe this is it!

See program details below, I look forward to be personally coaching you with a select group of other intuitive souls.

Follow the feeling, I’ll meet you there!

Big Love,


Join Amir Zoghi & Jamie Gonzalez, for an all-new 5-day group challenge to master the art of using your intuition to create greater flow in your everyday life and enhance effortless power.

Listen in for a preview of what will be covered with this discussion about the difference between Emotions, Intuition, & “The Feeling”: 

Challenge DETAILS


  • 5 pre-recorded content session videos with Amir delivered from our private member’s area.
  • Teaching + guided process/homework for each of the steps.


  • The difference between your emotional and intuitive reactions and the outcomes they create in your life.
  • Knowing what’s a fabricated feeling vs. true feeling
  • How to access the flow state where infinite possibilities unfold.
  • The difference between whole-hearted and half-hearted decisions and how they impact your results.
  • How tap into your true feeling to live more creatively with less effort.

Ready to become and Intuitive Warrior?