“The BE experience with Jamie has been flippin’ mind-blowing for me. I signed up because I was tired of feeling limited in life, in choices and in myself. Jamie is helping me see life in a whole new way and I am excited to live more from this new space! Thank you Jamie!” 

– Krystle Star

Just under ten years ago I was in LA with Amir, sitting on a grassy knoll at Santa Monica beach. Suddenly a butterfly flew onto my hand and sat there for some time, even deciding to stay with me for the walk back to the apartment I was staying in.

This experience was not one of chance, but one that was meant to be.

I had just taken some of the biggest leaps in my life after meeting Amir. I was 28 and had literally walked away from the life I knew, all based on a feeling. No plan or idea to what I was to do next or where I was going.

I left behind a career that I was successful in and walked away from the income it was providing me with to support the life I had.

You could of said I was going crazy, most did. Now though those same people ask me, ‘How do you do it? How do you live your life the way you do?’

What they see is someone who is not bound by circumstances, in any need or rush to be anywhere, or attain things most of us stress over.

I still enjoy a fantastic lifestyle and even more importantly, have more peace and joy.

My life now feels like a flow of possibility and complete freedom. 


“You were born with wings, why prefer

to crawl through life?” ― Rumi


I didn’t just find myself here, I’ve worked at consciously being aware of my self. The self that plays games of limitations and then also the true self that only knows a limitless field of possibility.

At the time of this Butterfly Experience I was going through so much change and challenge. The mindset I knew was being completely challenged and fifteen years of personal development, inspirational and spiritual work was no longer working. The small self that loved to pretend it was limited, Aka my ego, was losing control.

The thing is that the process was necessary, without it I would of never found the strength to fly.

Did you know that If you cut open a cocoon in which a caterpillar is transforming through and into a butterfly, that butterfly although aware it is now a butterfly, will never fly?

This story of transformation within nature became one of the most significant reminders and support for me over the coming years towards embracing my process. It threw me into a way of life I call Limitless Living that has become possible through a deep study of Amir’s work.

Over 10 days I’m going to share a powerful and transformational experience. I’ll support you in moving through it so you too recognise and have the ability to fly.


— Jamie Gonzalez, Amir Zoghi Coach & Program Facilitator


  • Four live 90-minute online group sessions with AZ Coach & program facilitator, Jamie Gonzalez
  • Guided support with The WTF?! Experience.
  • Processes to help you break through current limitations.

Investment: FREE (value $497)

Jamie brings to light that you indeed have what you need within you to redirect your life and better yet, how to tap into that. He brought the concepts to us in such a simplistic way that I realised I didn’t need all the tools, teaching or things I once thought. I learnt to recognise when my ego would relight the stories I knew well and how to be present enough to realise what it was up to. That in itself has brought more inner peace in the last few weeks than I have felt in a number of years. Being part of a group meant that if I couldn’t articulate what I was feeling, often one of the others was going though it and so I learnt by extension as Jamie shined the light on what was really going on. I highly recommend, if you get the opportunity to partake.”

– Tegan Stonnell


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