Hi, Amir here…

Since the beginning of my journey as a speaker and coach, sharing a message of LOVE, people always challenged me on charging for my programs.

On one side, people would tell me that if my programs are about Love, they should be free. On the other side, people would say that to live as Love, you need to value yourself, and exchanging money shows that value.

So which one is it?

Is LOVE free? Do people value what they don’t pay for?

That is the question I set out to explore. And I started by giving away my foundational 12-month coaching program, OMG, entirely for free. 

I’m now opening up the conversation to bigger questions – Can love conquer fear? Can love help us transcend all “problems” in our lives? Can doing what you love be the key to manifesting everything you desire?

I’m stepping into the unknown. Sharing my love.

And I’m documenting the process.

Join me to see how this unfolds?

Amir Zoghi

Episode #11

The Power of Paying
Are you great at manifesting free things? Maybe you’d like to be? In this episode of The Love Experiment, Amir sits down with Jamie to talk about his experience in manifesting free things and the moment things finally shifted for him when it comes to manifesting money.

Episode #10

Can Love Conquer Fear?

Is my love for flying big enough to help someone overcome their fear of it? In this episode, I’m taking my very resistant team member Mathieu up for an aerobatics flight to find out. 

Episode #9

The Internal is Eternal

There is a part of you, right now, that can experience infinite possibilities: in your imagination. In this week’s episode I share what the imagination is and how everything that happens to you or has happened to you, happened in the present moment. 

Episode #8

Q & A

Join me behind the scenes as I invite you to listen in on a group coaching call with clients currently taking part in my Oneness Mentoring Group 12-month program.

Episode #7

No Doubt

This week I’m sharing the importance of having no doubt when following the feeling and why focusing on the result or outcome can distract from knowing what’s true for you. 

Episode #6

No Plan Is The Plan

This week I’m sharing my hesitations and concerns about the commitment level of clients that have signed up for my coaching program now that it’s available for free. Join me before and after my first live coaching call with these clients and hear why no plan is the best plan.

Episode #5

Giving It All

It’s become more and more clear why I’m giving away my core program for free and this has led to a question: If I give one program away, why not give them all away? Watch how things are unfolding with another big decision arising from following my feeling. 

Episode #4

The Ripple Effect

When I decided to let people join my OMG program for free, I knew I had to give my current paying clients the option to stop paying. Hear what happened and why I’ve been blown away by their reaction and the ripple effect that has started to unfold.

Episode #3

Because Of Her

My friends call her the Oracle, I call her Mum. Either way, it’s because of her teaching me about Truth, Oneness and Love since I was young, that I now pass it on to others. In this episode I tell her I’ve decided to give what she taught me for free in the Love Experiment. Watch how she responds.

Episode #2

It’s Not About The Money

The biggest question on most people’s mind when they hear that I’m giving away my core program for free is “What about the money?”. In this week’s episode I share how and why following the feeling is never influenced by money.

Episode #1

Is Love Free?

In the very first vlog, I’m sharing with you what The Love Experiment is, how the idea came to me, and why I’ve decided to give away my foundational program for free.

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