Are you ready to start living a life of infinite possibilities? Dive deeper with Amir’s teachings in the OMG, 12-week transformational online program.

What You’ll Explore

Over the course of 12 weeks, you’ll receive access to pre-recorded videos & challenge practices on the following topics to help you manifest what you love more effortlessly. 



This powerful module breaks down what it really means to reclaim power. You will learn exactly how and why you put power into things and how this impacts your day to day experience. We will dissect the process of reclaiming power and how you can implement it into your daily life to experience greater freedom.



In this module you’ll discover the truth about the often misunderstood topic of manifestation. This module breaks down the exact process of manifestation and how you really manifest in your life. We’ll cover the truth about WHO is actually manifesting in your life, through to how you allow manifestations to take form. This is some of the most advanced training on manifestation every released – enjoy!



What is the ego? Who is the ego? What is the ego really looking for? And, how do you know when you are in ego? This module will answer your questions about the ego. You will learn how the ego plays its roll and how it continuously gives your power to the external. It’s only when you become aware of when you are in ego that you can begin reclaiming power from the external.



Whether you realise it or not, everything in this world is about LOVE. Everything you do, everything you are searching for, every agenda, it’s all ultimately about looking for or to express the love that you already are. This module uncovers what True Love really is and how different that is from the concept society and most people have about love and what it means to be loving. This module goes even deeper and also shows you why love isn’t actually free, and why a lot of things that seem “loving” actually are just an agenda and why the most loving thing you can do is sometimes the complete opposite of how “human love” would act.



What are reflections and why do they exist? This is the module that gives you the complete understanding of Reflections and why they are so important in helping you go deeper into Truth. You will uncover the 3 types of reflections, indirect, true and complete, the purpose they each serve and what they are actually reflecting back to you. You will also see the power in making decisions from what’s True (from what’s reflecting) rather than what’s being reflected and why it’s not necessary for everyone to “awaken”.



What are thoughts? Where do your thoughts come from? And who is the one actually “thinking”?

This thought-provoking module dissects all of this and more as it uncovers why we have thoughts and the purpose they serve.

It also poses a powerful question:

Are you even in control of what you think?



This module begins to cover the journey leading you back to living your Truth in your external reality, but this time it’s a new you showing up. This module is all about bringing your internal and external worlds together as one and grasping the difference between putting “the power” into form versus “being the power” and using it “through” form.



This module covers the idea of wealth and how we truly attain a wealthy life. It also uncovers the Truth about why people are not being wealthy. You will learn how it’s not money that we lack, rather it is Space. This module also covers all the common things people use to consume their space and how to make more space in your life again. The greater your space, the greater your ability to be wealthy.



In many modules, it has been shared how “purpose is in who we are and not what we do” and ‘it’s when you’ve realised the purpose that’s in who you are, you then give purpose to what you do and not get purpose from what you do”. This module will leave your ego doing backflips and free your soul to soar a life that is not bound by meaning nor purpose, a life that has transcended the limitations that we give to form.



In this profound module, you will  capture the essence of true manifestations and why some of our manifestations are forceful where others need no force whatsoever. What’s the difference between having “willingness” and to have “will”? What’s the difference between motivation and inspiration? Grasp the roots of where these words are coming from and you can grasp “Free Will”.



So much has been said about Space, now see how Time falls into the picture. What does it really mean to transcend time and space? And why is being in the “present moment” still being limited by time and the story? In this module you’ll reach and touch what it really means to be INFINITE.



In this module we discover what it ultimately takes to be ONE with the Truth and how the previous modules fall perfectly into place upon the journey to Truth. Uncover the transition points from phase 1, phase 2 and phase 3 of consciousness. And finally, why some are ready for it, and others are not and what determines someones experience of the Truth.


“While re-watching WTF was very beneficial, I wanted to know this wisdom in such detail that I would become the wisdom and I found this through coaching with Amir. I am then able to go out into the world and slot it in to how I am already living. This previous fragmented jigsaw of life is gradually taking the form of an artwork more beautiful than I could have imagined. The greatest part of this is that it isn’t the world that is changing at all – it is me. And in this realisation I am finding the endless well of power and creation that I AM. For me, it’s about having the will to invest in yourself to live the way you dreamt you could – free and with love.”


“What I love about the coaching program is that each module feels like a calming mediation. I tend to overthink just about anything and listening to these webinars allow me  to turn down the chatter, remember my Truth and to let go of having to control everything. It has helped me to focus on what I love instead of trying to force things to work in a certain way. When I allow myself to live in the flow, everything happens with more ease and in extraordinary ways that I couldn’t have planned if I tried. And i’m only on module 4 so I can’t imagine what more will come by the time I reach the end!”


“You have no idea what you’d be missing if you don’t do this. It’s given me everything… everything I’ve wanted, I’ve now got. I used to feel like life (especially work) demanded me to be a certain way. I worked over 100 hours per week often and didn’t think it could be any other way. WTF and OMG helped me see clearly what I want, and how want I want is possible–even in the workplace as an employee of a huge bank! I’ve learned what’s real and what’s not. I feel free from obligation in how I have to be and what I think I need to do. I have more time outside of work as I work less, and I’m more effective and get the same if not more results doing the projects I actually want to do.”


“Living this in every moment is a lifestyle change. This coaching offers consistent support to stay on track. It’s like fitness. Just because you see results, you don’t stop, you keep going as there is no destination. It becomes a lifestyle. I can’t wait for every week and month when I get my new support audio or video and I clear my schedule to watch it as I get insight after insight into my own life. And it translates to decision making. When I make decisions now for things that I would have thought weren’t easy or attainable, I watch as things happen in my life to revolve around what I desire, instant manifestation, all by putting my attention on the truth. “


Who is the OMG Program for?

I’d rather tell you who this program is not for because to be honest the individual this is for will already know it is for them. They will feel like it’s what they had been looking for all along. So, the individual this is not for is the person who is not ready for change and not up for being personally challenged. It’s not for the person who’s looking for a quick fix or a magic pill. It’s not for the individual who feels that information and this style of coaching that will help people should be free. It’s not for the person who is still looking for the “value” in spending money or time in experiencing who they Truly are.  It’s not for the person who is not willing to be truly honest with themselves.

*You will want to have watched Amir’s signature program, The WTF?! Experience before starting OMG as it is the foundation for everything that is taught in OMG. You can access that free by clicking here if you haven’t watched already, and you will also receive access as soon as you register for OMG. 

Program Details & Structure

Core Content

Every Monday you’ll receive a core content video by email from Amir. This is a 60-90 minute video and covers the core teaching on the topic of the week. 

Manifestation Challenge

To challenge you to implement the OMG content into manifesting more of what you love, you’ll receive a specific challenge exercise each week. These practices will support you in changing your thinking to more effortlessly manifest in your life.


All program content is delivered in a private online members area. You’ll be given login access at the start of the program and be sent emails each week letting you know that a new module is available. 

Ready to drop deeper?


Amir has combined his transformational OMG program with his popular manifestation program into a new 12-Week OMG Manifestation Challenge. You’ll receive the original OMG content along with a practice each week from Amir to help you change your thinking and apply the OMG principles to manifesting what you love in 2020. 

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