​​​​Date: Saturday, 25th November to Wednesday, 29th November 2017
Location: Held at an exclusively booked venue in the beautiful Hunter Valley wine region, just 2 hours North of Sydney. 
Food and Accommodation: All meals and your private accommodation is included in the retreat cost. 
​Price: $5,500
Bonus: Receive 12 months of Amir Zoghi coaching FREE, valued at over $1,000
Hi Amir here,

Ok so if you just watched my video, I wanted to be very clear about this offer and why I’m doing it!

What’s the offer: Register to attend the AWAKE Retreat and Receive 12 months FREE online coaching with me, valued at over $1,000.

What’s involved with the coaching: I meet with you live on a webinar once a month, weekly coaching audios and a coaching video every 3 weeks. Plus being part of an exclusive online forum reserved for coaching members online. 

Why? Because the power of the AWAKE Retreat is not only in what is shared at the Retreat, but who is there.  So I want you experience first hand what I have to offer and what I’m about, in order for you to ensure that you’re ready to attend the AWAKE retreat. Experience the first 90 days of my coaching program and you’ll know if you want to be at the Retreat or not. 

My Money Back offer: If after 90 days you find that the Retreat is not for you, I will refund any money you have paid for the Retreat in full. 

The AWAKE Retreat Experience is an annual event that is dedicated to the art of living ones Infinite capacity. What stops most people from living their true Infinite capacity (what they love and what brings most joy into their lives), is a number of limiting mindsets. 
These are some of greatest limiting mindsets: I can’t because I’m afraid of failing or succeeding;  If I let go it will just happen;  If I’m loving I will be loved back;  I’m waiting for the right time when….; Spirtual teachings should be free;  I’m waiting for the Universe to show up;  If I’m giving, I will be liked.

I could go on, but in the interest in keeping this page brief, I will just let you know that this retreat is about You, about you Awakening to your Greatest self which has Infinite Capacity. And then learning the Art of living as your Infinite self in a finite word. 

Good Luck and may the force be with you!
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