Amir Zoghi here. Welcome to the One Retreat page. 
As I sit here trying to grasp how to truly share what this retreat is all about, all I’m left with is nothing, no words. 
How can I describe to you that when you leave the One Retreat, you will be left with nothing! That’s right, nothing!  As you fall deeper and deeper within yourself at the Retreat, you will find yourself amongst a space of “nothingness”, yet amongst this “nothingness”, you’ll find “Everything!” 
I know that this cannot make sense, but you cannot make sense out of TRUTH.  Something that is INFINITE cannot make sense. Infinity cannot be understood, only experienced.  You see, when people come to the ONE Retreat, they have so many “things” in their mind that make up who they are.  All these “things” are finite experiences of who they are, and are also imprisoning or limiting who they are. 
The ONE Retreat is about emptying one's mind and freeing them from all the “things” that take up space, and create limitations in who they are.  It is about a truly deep and moving experience that allows you to experience yourself infinitely, in a finite existence. 
This is one of the most profound experiences you’ll ever have on your self-realisation journey; unlike no other! I really, really mean that, and I hope you do experience this for yourself and don't just contemplate the words you’ve read here.  The above video won’t do justice to what you’ll actually take away from experiencing the One Retreat, but maybe you might just “feel” what the One Retreat is all about! 
Maybe you might just feel the “you” that you’ve been “dying” to be… 
Amir Zoghi
One Retreat Information
Dates: The next ONE Retreat will be held from Saturday 7th October to Wednesday 11th October 2017: 5 full days of amazing experiences, to support you in discovering and integrating the Truth of who you are into your day-to-day life. 
Location: The ONE Retreat is held at an exclusively booked venue over 5 days in the beautiful Hunter Valley wine region, just 2 hours North of Sydney, Australia. This peaceful and tranquil setting allows you the freedom to get away from the distractions of your day-to-day life and totally immerse yourself in the space Amir holds for you.
Accommodation: Your accommodation during the 5 days of the retreat is included in the retreat cost. 
Food: All food is included and sourced, prepared and cooked, with LOVE. Everything is fresh and sourced as locally as possible, and all meat is healthy, organic and grass-fed.
​Price: Special early bird price only $4,995.  Normally $5,500. Pay before March 31st, 2017 and save over $1,000!
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