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“An expanded mind sees expanded possibilities.”

Although the true acronym of the program is the Wisdom, Truth & Freedom Experience, the effect may make you say What the F#%K?! as it will completely transform your perception of everything.

Deepen your experience of who you truly are so that you can live beyond the limitations of your perceived story and experience infinite possibilities.



Amir Zoghi is not your regular Motivational Speaker and Life Coach. He’s also an Aerobatic Pilot, taking his passengers to the edge of their comfort zone by showing them some rather skillful aerobatic stunts. When not soaring over the skies of Sydney, Amir is well known to be helping others soar in their personal and professional lives as a Mind Performance Coach. Amir is sought after for his deep, yet modern philosophical teachings on self-actualisation. As an entrepreneur, Amir has multiple successful businesses but openly admits that he doesn’t know too much about growing businesses, rather growing people. His success in growing businesses is testament to his ability to help people grow and perform.


The Love Experiment: The Power of Paying

Are you great at manifesting free things? Maybe you'd like to be? In this episode of The Love Experiment, I sits down with Jamie to talk about my experience in manifesting free things and the moment things finally shifted for me when it comes to manifesting money. I...

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The Love Experiment: Can Love Conquer Fear?

Can love conquer fear? Is my love for flying big enough to help someone overcome their fear of it? In this episode, I’m taking my very resistant team member Mathieu up for an aerobatics flight to find out. I hope you enjoyed that episode! I'd love to know what you...

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Resistance & Following The Feeling

How do you know if you're doing what's true for you? What does it mean when you have resistance to doing something? In this video I share what following the feeling is like using the common example of going to the...

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“Mind-Blowing”    “Life-Changing”    “Transformative”

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