Amir Zoghi | Mind Over Matter

Your results and outcomes are a product of your mindset and your patterns.

Your understanding of the difference between goals and intentions will completely influence those results and outcomes. And if you are like many, this understanding is distorted.

Your fears, your lack of ability to access a flow state that exists only in the NOW and the lack of space you have for infinite possibilities is what is holding you back from achieving the fulfillment in life you are truly seeking.

Change, within your patterns and mindset, can only happen when you truly see your existing patterns and mindset.

Introducing the Mind Over Matter 21-Day Challenge, where I guide you through a process to overcoming the limitations of your mind.

I want you to walk away from this challenge emotionally lighter, soulfully freer, and view life with a mind that knows its true potential, its infinite possibilities!

You will need to work at this though, just like anything. I’m not promising you a magic pill.

It’s an opportunity to learn in using more of your mental capacity.

“An expanded mind sees expanded possibilities.”

This 21-day experience consists of daily delivery via email of an audio message from Amir, to be listed to each morning at the start of your day. Each daily challenge will be centered on one of three themes: Soul Work, Body Work or Mindset Work.

At the end of the 21-Days, you will:

  • Feel aligned in what you say you want with your ability to have it.
  • Increase your ability to trust in your infinite feeling to guide you in making the decisions that are true to you.
  • Recognize the connection between trusting yourself and creating a new reality.
  • Have a concrete experience of living as the limitless ocean rather than the limited drop.
  • Experience new ideas and opportunities that were not previously on your radar “fall into your lap”.
  • Understand what it feels like in everyday life to have a deeper connection to your true self.


  • Your 21-day challenge will start the day after you register.
  • Each morning you will receive an email with a 3-5 minute audio message from Amir.
  • Each daily challenge audio will instruct you to make a small shift in your day.
  • Each shift will support you in changing your perspective from one of lack to one of limitless possibilities.

Investment: $197 AUD