Amir Zoghi | Mind Over Matter

Your results and outcomes are a product of your mindset and your patterns.

Your understanding of the difference between goals and intentions will completely influence those results and outcomes. And if you are like many, this understanding is distorted.

Your fears, your lack of ability to access a flow state that exists only in the NOW and the lack of space you have for infinite possibilities is what is holding you back from achieving the fulfillment in life you are truly seeking. 

Change, within your patterns and mindset, can only happen when you truly see your existing patterns and mindset.

Introducing the Mind Over Matter 14-Day Challenge, where I guide you through a process to overcoming the limitations of your mind. 

I want you to walk away from this challenge emotionally lighter, soulfully freer, and view life with a mind that knows its true potential, its infinite possibilities!

You will need to work at this though, just like anything. I’m not promising you a magic pill.

It’s an opportunity to learn in using more of your mental capacity.

“An expanded mind sees expanded possibilities.”


Brand-new 2021 content delivered LIVE with Amir!

February 15 – March 1, 2021


Over the course of the challenge you’ll receive content via 2 live Zoom sessions with Amir that will quite literally take you outside of your “box” (your current mindset) and allow you to rediscover the true possibilities of a mind that is not set by its fears, limiting patterns and beliefs.

You’ll also be part of a small group completing the challenge together over 3 Zoom calls and a private Whatsapp group with challenge facilitator, Jamie Gonzalez.

Although we recommend you attend all sessions live, you will receive a recording of each call if you are not able to attend all sessions.

Please note: This is brand-new content for 2021, you’ll be experiencing live with Amir. If you’ve done the MOM Challenge in the past, you’ll greatly benefit from this completely new version. 

Challenge Cost: $37 AUD 
Starts: Monday, February 15, 2021

The Difference Between Goals & Intentions:

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