You already have everything you want,
you just don’t know yet how to access it. 

Introducing Amir Zoghi’s MANIFEST program – a deeply introspective voyage that challenges the core of what you believe about manifestation, deservingness, and the power within you to create the life you’ve always dreamed of.

This exploration goes beyond the superficial desires to uncover a profound truth: manifesting isn’t about acquiring what you lack; it’s about recognizing and expressing the abundance that already resides within you.

“Amir helped me understand where my true power comes from, how to align with it and use it. I don’t “effort” so much to get what I want because of understanding how to use the power and how manifestation actually works. I’ve learned how to live life more spontaneously with trust, as Amir says, “follow the feeling”. I have become more skilled at tuning in to what is true for me and how following the feeling actually plays out. It is so very worthwhile taking this journey with Amir.” 

— Joyce Baker, United States

In the 8 weekly Zoom sessions with Amir and an intimate group of truth-seekers, you’ll learn:

Week 1: The Manifest Mindset

Discover the foundational principles that set the stage for manifesting the life you desire. This introduction reveals the importance of aligning with your true self and understanding the difference between wanting and needing. Learn how your mindset shapes your reality and the initial steps to take toward a life of abundance and fulfillment. I introduce the concept of manifestation not as a method of acquiring what we lack but as a process of realizing and bringing forth what already exists within us.

Week 2: Doing Versus Being

The heart of this week covers the distinction between manipulating our current reality (the iceberg) through effort and creating anew from a place of infinite potential (the ocean).

This shift from doing to being invites us into a world where manifestation is not about the struggle to change what is but about aligning with what could be, effortlessly.

Week 3: Wanting What You Have

“You can have anything you want, as long as you don’t want it.”

This profound statement, which may seem paradoxical at first, invites us to explore our desires and the very nature of wanting. I will show you that the act of wanting is a barrier to receiving and help you open up a space to connect deeply with your desires without the tension of wanting, allowing you to embody the version of yourself that already exists with what you “want”.

Week 4: Intending

Explore the transformative power of setting pure intentions. Learn how to distinguish between superficial wants and deep-seated desires that resonate with your true self, and how focusing on what truly matters can dramatically shift your path towards manifesting what you love.

Learn the art of intending, not as a method to change the existing “iceberg” of our realities but rather to manifest a new one entirely. Connect with the version of yourself that already exists in the reality you wish to inhabit.

Week 5: The Art of Letting Go

Uncover the secrets to releasing control of your ego and allowing your true self to co-create with you. This session teaches the delicate balance between intention and surrender, demonstrating how letting go of specific outcomes opens the door to receiving what you truly need and desire.

Week 6: Expecting vs. Deserving

In this session we dive into the essence of expectations versus deservingness, revealing how these concepts shape our reality and how shifting our perspective can lead to life-changing manifestations. You’ll understand the subtle yet powerful shift that occurs when we move from a place of imposing expectations on our reality to one of recognizing and embracing our inherent deservingness.

Week 7: Receiving vs. Giving

In this session I will challenge conventional wisdom by proposing that manifesting is a giving process, not a receiving one. This session delves into the complex relationship between desire, manifestation, and our state of being, urging you to reevaluate your approach towards achieving your goals.

Week 8: Aligning with Your Higher Self

Bring together all the principles and practices discussed in the program to start integrating them actively into your life. You’ll learn my techniques for tuning into your Infinite Feeling,  making decisions that are in harmony with your deepest aspirations and start taking concrete steps towards the life you’ve always dreamed of living.

Program Details:

Amir Zoghi’s MANIFEST program was previously run exclusively with his Inner Circle coaching group. This is the first time he is offering this transformational program to the public. It is highly recommended that you have watched his LIMITLESS program before jumping into MANIFEST.

Delivery: This program is delivered LIVE via Zoom. There will be a weekly 90-minute call over 8 weeks, with recordings available if you cannot attend live.

Program Dates: May 21st – July 9th 2024

Session Times: Tuesdays at 1pm Sydney (8pm Los Angeles // 11pm NYC // 5am Paris)

WhatsApp Group: There will be a private WhatsApp group for discussion, questions, and homework between sessions.

*ONE Retreat: Attendees of the ONE Retreat July 2024 are invited to attend MANIFEST free of charge.

INVESTMENT: $2200 USD $550 USD Program Launch Special