Success is not by chance, it’s a mindset and once mastered, anyone can live a life of LIMITLESS possibilities.

As a young man navigating life, Amir found the challenges that many find on their journey to creating success…. He failed high school, went nearly bankrupt twice by the age of 21 and experienced multiple failures in business. But you would never imagine that looking at him today. How did he go from multiple failures and a truck load of debt, to becoming a commercial aerobatic pilot, owning his own aviation company and traveling the world as an inspirational speaker and mindset coach?

He did it by using his Limitless Mindset Programming (LMP) Method.

Amir credits his LMP method as being the greatest contributor to how he is able to live his life today. It’s not what Amir has accomplished that’s inspiring, it’s actually the lifestyle he’s created for himself and his family — success without the grind and hustle.

It’s his capacity to live his life as though he doesn’t need to work for a living.

This doesn’t mean that he doesn’t work hard, it’s just that the results he gets come effortlessly for him. But it wasn’t always this way. Prior to discovering his LMP method, life and business was effortFUL, like it may feel for you right now. No matter how much blood, sweat and tears he put into his plans and goals, success seemed just out of reach. Worst of all, when he did get some traction, some success, he would feel empty about it, always wanting more… So what changed? What is this LMP method?…


Join Amir in April as he tours the east coast of Australia and shares how to gain LIMITLESS Success (success that is effortless). He will be sharing the below 7 principles from his LMP Method:  

  1. Gain Emotional Intelligence that will allow you to have respond instinctively rather than react emotionally to your circumstances. 
  2. Overcome fear of failure or rejection. 
  3. Cultivate your Purpose and discover how your outcomes are a direct result of the connection and clarity you have around your WHY.
  4. Be able to use your Intuition, especially when met with Uncertainty.
  5. Learn how to enhance your inner ability to navigate the uncertain with complete certainty.
  6. Learn the art of creating and using effortless energy to create your results, instead of the hustle, the grind, and being effortful. 
  7. Learn the art of Leadership and a decision making process that will move and inspire people. 

Regardless of where you are in your own journey to success, there is always an expansion in your mindset that is required to go to the next level. It does not matter what type of success you are looking for — be it in your career, business, finances, athletic performance, health, etc — the principles required to achieve that LIMITLESS Success are the same. It starts with your mindset.

In this one-day event, Amir will share how he went from failure after failure to a LIMITLESS lifestyle by using the 7 LIMITLESS Success Principles. Upgrade your mindset and live the life you came here to live!

Tour Dates


APRIL 4, 2020 | 9am- 5pm Eastern Suburbs Leagues Club Early-Bird Ticket Price: $37


APRIL 18, 2020 | 9am- 5pm CQ Function Centre Early-Bird Ticket Price: $37


May 2, 2020 | 9am- 5pm Brisbane Convention Centre Early-Bird Ticket Price: $37


When not soaring over the skies of Sydney – Australia, Amir is well known for helping others soar in their personal and professional lives as a mindset coach. Amir is sought after for his practical and relatable mindset teachings. As an entrepreneur, Amir has multiple successful companies. He doesn’t grow them with your average strategies, goals and plans. His strategies for success in life and business start with understanding the limitless capacity of the mind and harnessing a deep understanding of how to manifest your outcome and results effortlessly. There is nothing he is more inspired by than helping others do the same.