Jamie Gonzalez

Jamie Gonzalez is an inspirational speaker, honest writer, and wholehearted mentor on what he describes as Limitless Living.
His way of life is one which has come through dedication in getting to truly know himself. Jamie's willingness to stay in the present and continually express and move from a place of limitless possibilities has seen him enter into the role of a supportive guide for those wanting to know themselves and live a more fulfilling and conscious way of life.
‘After years of searching for myself in the world, I now know there is nothing greater in life than truly knowing oneself. Once you have yourself than this world becomes your playground to be and do all that you love.'
Jamie has spent the past almost now decade working with clients internationally one on one and in group facilitation. His mentoring is best described as a no bullshit approach with a big heart. He knows what is required to get ourselves out of the way and experience the limitless potential that is available to us all.   
Committed to his journey, Jamie through his continued own self-realisation and being able to openly and clearly express that so others can then realise for themselves who they truly are is what his most passionate about.
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