How to only be happy

how to be happy depends on you knowing what it means to feel empty.

To know how to be happy, you have to know why you feel empty sometimes.

Some of you might think, No, I don’t have an empty feeling. I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Well, a lot of people make themselves busy to avoid that empty feeling. You go shopping, you go eating; you make yourself busy or occupied. Or you might watch TV or get caught up in your addictions, in whatever form they are, to avoid that empty feeling.

In fact, it’s often only when a big event happens in your life that you’ll allow yourself to feel it. When the “shit will hits the fan”. We create those circumstances to hit the fan so that we’re forced to take a moment to feel. When you break up with your partner, go through a divorce, have a failure of some kind, that’s when you re-evaluate. When you stop and check in, that’s when you’re feeling it.

We all have an emptiness within us. The thinking mind doesn’t want to go into that empty feeling, so you go to your head to look for solutions to fix, improve, or change your circumstances to make that empty feeling go away.

If I had a boyfriend I wouldn’t have that problem. If I had a million dollars I wouldn’t feel that. However, the moment you achieve a goal from your head, you’ll feel that emptiness again. 

Think of a time you accomplished something and as soon as you arrived there, you thought to yourself, is that it?

Many people look for their power in the external. It’s found in the house they own, the car they drive, their marriage, having kids, or the influence they have over others or within the world. They find their power in their status, through recognition, and in what they do.

There is a true power that you can feel exists in this world, but because you live in duality, you perceive that power to be outside of you. And some only really know that power to be on the outside.

Your true power is not outside of you, but we continuously pursue power in the external.

The power is within YOU.

Because guess what is beyond that empty feeling that causes so much discomfort? Beyond the emptiness is your power, your freedom, your true infinite power. Your power is hidden beyond that empty feeling.

Amir Zoghi
Excerpt from WTF, within month 1 of my coaching program–part of the free trial:

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