“Take the ‘story’ out of the equation and you will take off your blind fold and see the Truth of the story.” – Amir Zoghi

All stories are as important as you have decided for them to be. Just like when you go watch a movie, some story lines are far more capturing than others. That’s just how it is your life; some of your life stories that you experience are far more “capturing” than others. “Capturing”, that’s exactly what it’s doing to you, “capturing you” and keeping you contained from the possibilities that lie in your own hand. And it’s only capturing you because you want it to. Just like when you go to the movies, the more real and capturing it is the more you are engrossed by the movie. You don’t like watching a movie that doesn’t totally engross you. You don’t just want to be on the surface of it.

Your story is there for you to experience yourself through but at no time does your story determine who you are. You may determine how you play your role in your story, the story may reflect parts of who you really are but that’s about all. Your story is like the light that is being reflected from the moon. Sure there is a bright light being reflected from the moon but that’s all it is, a reflection. The moon does not really shine, it’s the sun that shines its power and it’s light upon the moon making it shine.

Do you understand who you really are? Do you remember where you came from my dear? You are the power; you are the light shining upon the story. The story has no power just like the moon does not! The story can give you experiences of bright times and dark times but the cause is not from the story but from who you Truly are my dear. You are power, you are the light and you are determining your story, “You” as in who you “Truly” are. Not you as in just the identity of, that is only the shadow that is being created from the light of who you Truly are. It’s not that hard to understand this actually, as long as the identity is not trying understand it. Feel it, don’t think it.

Experience the story, let it take you through your different life experiences so you can wake up and be conscious again of who you Truly are. Just don’t make it about the story, instead make it about experience what the story has to offer completely. Both the good and bad, the positive and experience and you will come to know yourself beyond the story. Then you will create your story how you consciously decide to create it. It’s enough of creating your story unconsciously.  Stop looking for purpose in what you do, in the story. Purpose is in who you are and you are giving purpose to what you do. You are the power; you are the one energy that emanates life and all of your life stories. It’s you, you are the One energy.

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