OMG INSIGHTS VIDEO: Love Gives to Take

“To allow something to BE means you’re not trying to fix improve or change it… to allow something to BE, you are giving something space… and then you become one with it…

…Something can only control you, and have power over you because you see it to be separate to you”

Clip taken from the OMG module Reclaiming Power.

In one day, you can remember how to take your power back from anything that
you perceive may control you in your life circumstances… so that you naturally
have what you love, without you having to force or manipulate or control.


module 1 reclaiming power BANNER

“I tend to overthink just about anything. WTF has helped me let go of having to control everything. It has helped me to focus on what I love instead of trying to force things to work in a certain way.I now live in the flow, and everything happens with more ease and in extraordinary ways that I couldn’t have planned if I tried.” Y.A. New York

“You have no idea what you’d be missing if you don’t do this. It’s given me everything…everything I’ve wanted, I’ve now got.  I used to feel like life (especially work) demanded me to be a certain way. I worked over 100 hours per week often and didn’t think it could be any other way. WTF and OMG helped me see clearly what I want, and how want I want is possible–even in the workplace as an employee of a huge bank! I’ve learned what’s real and what’s not. I feel free from obligation in how I have to be and what I think I need to do. I have more time outside of work as I work less, and I’m more effective and get the same if not more results doing the projects I actually want to do.” N.T. Sydney

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