Hi, it's Amir here...

When I was a young boy, someone very special to me shared with me something extremely powerful. I'm going to call this something powerful "The Seed". 

The Seed allows me to feel limitless. It allows my life to have no boundaries and my experiences to be the most fulfilling. Look, I'm not a high in the clouds, fluffy guy. I'm not "woo woo," if you know what I mean. In fact, the only clouds I know, are the ones I fly my aircraft amongst. 

Maybe just like you, I work. I have a job and I also happen to have a business. In my work, I'm an aerobatic pilot and a partner in an aviation company. However thanks to "the Seed", everything I do, I do because I choose to. Because I truly love to and not because I need to. 

And it's not what you may be thinking: “Well it's because you can afford to Amir,” or you may think that I’m smart or clever, or come from family money. “It must be because you know the right people…" 

NO, it's not. I know one thing: I know myself. This Seed that was shared with me many years ago allowed me to know who I am, not so much in a "woo woo" way, but in a boundless, limitless, infinite way. 

What I'm talking about cannot be taught to you, or learnt. What I'm talking to you about is beyond any experience humanly possible. I can't give it to you right now in these words. I can only share with you the Seed that was once shared with me. I know it sounds a little bit mystical, and that's because it is.

Before I became an aerobatic pilot, I spent over 10 years traveling the world and speaking on stages, inspiring people. Most weekends I was in a different city of the world. 

I stopped after realising that mostly I was only speaking to myself, and that people really couldn't integrate what I'm sharing with them until I first shared with them this Seed. And furthermore, the Seed was not for everyone. It took a particular person who came to me empty, looking for it, not a person who came to me full of ideas of what they think the Seed was, or could be. 

Today, I live what I know as a boundless life, a life of possibilities where everything is exactly that: all possibilities. As much as flying is my passion, the Seed and what it continues to give me is Who I Am. 

Like I mentioned to you above, I can't write it to you in these words. It cannot be understood, and it cannot be learnt. It can only be felt. 

I therefore invite you to purchase and download an experience dedicated to allowing you to "feeling it”. Feel and realise for yourself what this Seed is that allows me to roam my life, to be in my world, free. 

If you came here for the Seed, you may click the button in black below. If you came here with what "you already know" the Seed to be, I have nothing further for you.

I wish you well on your Journey, 
Amir Zoghi
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